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Top 6 Proven Tips to Help You Hit Your Sales Targets in 2021



Top 6 Proven Tips to Help You Hit Your Sales Targets in 2021

Looking forward to 2021, you have to accept some inevitable things and ask yourself some important questions. With the evolving digital business landscape, sales technologies have become a vital part of the mix for increasing your sales targets.

We’ve picked up top 6 proven tips to stay ahead of the game and hit your most daring sales goals!

Improve the productivity of your sales reps

Most often, the reasons that make your salespeople less productive are as follows:

  • lack of clear communication between the sales and marketing department;
  • lack of a clear understanding of how to successfully sell specific company’s products;
  • ineffective onboarding process;
  • lack of communication between members of the sales team on what’s effective and what’s not;
  • lots of time-consuming routine tasks.

Sales engagement solutions effectively solve these problems. Today there are many sales engagement software solutions available that can significantly improve the efficiency of the sales process. Revenue Grid is one of the most advanced solutions in this field.

Revenue Grid is an AI-powered guided selling platform that helps sales leaders nurture an innovative approach among sales team members. It implies using data to build a formalized framework that offers salespeople insights on how and when to engage with buyers rather than randomly determine how and when to engage customers.

This ensures that buyers are receiving the right information at the right stage of their journey and that salespeople keep their deals moving forward.

Implement automation

The research results are shocking: the average sales rep devotes only 36% of his time to sales. One of the main reasons is that reps have to devote themselves to many routine (for example, administrative and data entry) tasks that take a long time to perform.

Modern automation tools allow you to save time, money and focus the energy of your sales reps towards generating more sales — that is, increasing profits. You can use automation software for a wide variety of day-to-day tasks, from data entry to prospecting.

Marketo provides the following figures: more than 70% of businesses that implement marketing automation generate ROI within the first year, and almost 50% of them see a return within 6 months.

Increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns

Every dollar a business spends on email marketing can generate 40$ in sales.

With over 290 billion emails being sent in the world, these tips will help you stand out from the crowd and increase sales by higher open and click-through rates:

  • get to know your audience better than ever;
  • try different email formats to find the most effective ones;
  • optimize your emails for mobile;
  • send regular, consistent messages;
  • make your emails more concise and succinct;
  • make them more valuable and personalized;
  • improve your subject line;
  • split test emails;
  • repeat the emails that turned out to be successful.

However, to successfully work with email campaigns, it is not enough just to know how to create convincing emails: inaccurate customer data, low overall visibility which makes it impossible to get up-to-date information when out of the office, miscommunication among employees, and human error negates the efficiency of email campaigns.

In this context, you should pay attention to one of the Revenue Grid products, Revenue Inbox, an innovative solution that brings Salesforce right to your Inbox and Calendar.

Revenue Inbox, #1 Salesforce outlook plugin offers automated data-capture from all communication channels for getting more pipeline and growing revenue. The highly customizable solution allows synchronizing emails, meetings, and tasks between CRM and Outlook, Gmail, and Office 365. Using Inbox’s contextual sidebar allows you to see and edit all the crucial information about leads, contacts, opportunities, and other custom objects right from your Inbox.

In addition to the fact that it greatly enhances Salesforce Inbox’s functionality, the integrated AI provides you with auto-generated suggestions for your daily tasks.

Gather intent data

Intent data demonstrates which leads are conducting research online, reading content, and comparing alternatives to find the solution to their problem.

If you gain visibility into what kind of content your ICP accounts are consuming you can know for sure where they are in their buyer’s journey and target them accordingly, focusing your efforts on those who are most ready to close.

This will also help you to land a deal before your potential customers even consider your competition, shorten the sales cycle, and cut the customer acquisition costs.

Integrate sales and marketing teams

Today, it’s critical that these two departments work as one to create a decent plan that will work toward the overall company’s goals. Here are some benefits of these teams working together:

  • getting better qualified leads;
  • acquiring better engagement and stronger relationships;
  • having more accurate buyer personas;
  • creating better and clearer feedback;
  • staying ahead of the competition;
  • increasing revenue;
  • creating better marketing materials.

Get interactive!

Today, virtual and hybrid events and meetings are replacing face-to-face sales experience, businesses have to use the opportunities to effectively engage prospects online.

Engage your customers with something interactive and let them control something themselves. They can, for example, drive a game-like experience in a virtual meeting.

Tie these activities to your customer’s needs: let them themselves find the ways to solve their specific challenges to increase their enthusiasm and knowledge retention.



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