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Southwest Airlines And FedEx Avoid Major Aviation Disaster In The United States

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Southwest Airlines And FedEx Avoid Major Aviation Disaster In The United States

(CTN News) – According to the Southwest Airlines Federal Aviation Administration, a FedEx cargo plane that was attempting to touch down at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport on Saturday afternoon had to change its course after another plane was given permission to take off from the same runway as the FedEx plane that had been attempting to land.

During the landing, the pilot of the FedEx plane discontinued the landing and began a climb out, according to a statement released by the FAA.

The FAA reported that the Boeing 767 cargo plane was several miles from the airport when it was cleared to land, as it was several miles from the airport.

However, just before the plane was expected to land, an air traffic controller gave the green light for an airplane operated by Southwest Airlines to take off.

In a tweet published on Saturday, the National Transportation Safety Board described it as a “possible runway incursion and overflight involving airplanes from Southwest Airlines and FedEx.”

The Southwest Airlines flight was able to take off safely, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

 There have been reports that the NTSB and the FAA are investigating the incident, according to Southwest Airlines and the FAA.

There have been an increasing number of instances of these incidents occurring at American airports in recent years, which should be mentioned.

During takeoff preparations for a Delta Airlines Boeing 737 aircraft last month, an American Airlines plane crossed a runway at the same time as a Delta Airlines Boeing 737 plane was preparing to cross it.

A Delta Airlines plane stopped about 1,000 feet (about 0.3 kilometers) away from where an American Airlines plane had crossed an adjacent taxiway to cross the Delta plane, according to a statement released by the FAA.

 Earlier this week, at Newark Airport, two United Airlines planes clipped one another’s wings in a separate incident.

Is Southwest airlines good?

According to, Southwest Airlines is among the 20 safest airlines in the world in 2021. It ranked below Hawaiian and Alaska, but above Delta and American. The airlines were evaluated on their crash and serious incident records, audits, industry-leading safety initiatives and fleet age.


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