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Small Business Startups That Are Likely to Flourish In Hong Kong



Small Business, Startups That Are Likely to Flourish In Hong Kong

Are you thinking of starting a business in Hong Kong? You’ll have to consider many factors before you venture into a startup entrepreneurship, like capital, labor, and the legal environment. By early 2020, there were over 340,000 small businesses in Hong Kong. This shows how the business competition in this industry is quite stiff.

Starting a small business in Hong Kong requires some research. If you are clueless about where to invest your money for some higher return, we have your back. Here is our list of the best places to invest in a small business.

1. Business Consultancy

There are lots of booming businesses in Hong Kong. As one of the fastest-growing trade hubs in the Asian region, most investors are looking for the best way to set up companies. That means there is a high demand for business consultants.

You can set up a business consultancy company in Hong Kong to help entrepreneurs intending to startup businesses in Hong Kong.

As a business consultant, you will be responsible for helping your clients register a Hong Kong company, recruit staff, rent business space in the busy HK, and, most importantly, market the business and help it grow.

2. Start a travel agency

The travel agency is one of the most straightforward businesses to start in Hong Kong. Every month, thousands of people visit this Asian country to experience the lifestyle here and do some shopping. Hong Kong is a significant tourist destination.

When you start a travel agency, you can help people book tickets, sightseeing, hotel reservation, and transportation. You can also offer tour guide services in Hong Kong.

3. Virtual Call Center Startup

If you have a small capital and want to make it as an entrepreneur, one option that is open for everyone is starting a call center agency. The truth is that most companies outsource their customer care services because such services are expensive in their countries.

As long as you are fluent in English and have some money to buy a mic and a computer, you can start your private call center. There are thousands of companies in HK and beyond that need call center services.

4. Clearing and forwarding freight Startup

Hong Kong, having one of the largest ports in the world, offers a perfect environment for freight forwarding companies. Most people are buying things online in HK look for cheap shipping services in vain.

You can come to their rescue by offering affordable freight forwarding services. Your work will entail handling client cargo and getting a commission for every delivery. You can visit Merritt Asia if you want to start any small business in HK.

Final Thoughts

Hong Kong is home to thousands of entrepreneurs, and you can join the league today. There are many business opportunities you can grab and earn a living in this country.

You can start a manufacturing company, become an app developer, or a shipping agent. Whichever business you decide to start, you should look for someone to hold your hand. If you need to know more about starting a business in a foreign country, you can find more relevant information at


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