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Retail Outlets Flee Lazada Over Controversial TikTok Video



Retail Outlets Flee Lazada Over Controversial TikTok Video

The Doi Tung Club and a number of retail outlets selling products from Royally-sponsored projects have stopped taking orders on Lazada over a controversial TikTok video.

No explanation was given, but #banLazada trended on Thai social media, in response to a TikTok promotional video deemed inappropriate and believed to offend the royal family and disabled people.

According to the “Doi Tung Club” on Facebook, the “Mae Fah Luang Foundation” stores are revising their online sale platforms, but customers can still purchase their products via their website and several other online outlets.

Lazada was not mentioned among the platforms of royally sponsored outlets, and no reason was given for revising the online shopping channels.

Additionally, stores selling Patpat products, from the Chaipattana Foundation, announced the suspension of accepting orders through Lazada and apologized to their customers.

TikTok video haunting Lazada

In addition, Royal Chitralada Projects and the Corrections Department have shut down their links to Lazada. The Corrections Department’s “Wansook” stores, which sell products made by inmates, posted on Facebook on Saturday that they’d withdrawn from the Lazada platform. Customers, however, can still order online via Facebook or the Line app.

Furthermore, “Mr. Big” Pillows and “Zolbabyworld,” which sells products for mothers and child development, no longer accept Lazada orders, but other platforms are fine.

It is believed that the boycott is connected to calls from royalist groups to boycott Lazada, but no reason was given other than a claim that they were revising their online sale channels.

While Lazada and the company involved in creating the controversial TikTok video have apologized for their oversight shortcomings, some royalists and pro-monarchists have demanded accountability from Lazada and that action has been taken against the alleged offenders.

The TikTok video features two online influencers, Aniwat Prathumthin and Thidaporn Chaokuwiang, promoting the online shopping platform Lazada.

Thidaporn can be seen wearing a traditional Thai costume and sitting in a wheelchair in the clip. Aniwat accuses Thidaporn, who plays a mother of noble origin, of stealing her clothes.

The wheelchair and the reference to Thidaporn’s noble ancestry have been interpreted by some as indirectly referencing a member of the Thai royal family who is currently in a wheelchair.

The Information Crime Suppression Division received a criminal complaint against Aniwat from political activist and Royalist Srisuwan Janya.

A member of the Association for the Protection of the Thai Constitution has asked that lèse majesté charges be filed against influencer Aniwat Prathumthin, also known as “Nara Aniwat”.

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