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How Can Tokens be Listed On an Exchange?



How Can Tokens be Listed On an Exchange?

How Can Tokens be Listed On an Exchange? The number of folks keen on a project may drop by a while during an ICO, however, that does not imply that individuals will quit seeing it.

Nevertheless, the more productive mining gets, the more likely token owners are going to begin to show up.

Exactly how to offer them the chance to buy the cryptocurrencies associated with the project once the ICO has officially ended?

Exchanges come to help here. To list a token on an exchange will up its worth by 15%-20%.

Positioning a cryptocurrency following the ICO is among the most crucial things for a business.

However, if you are interested in bitcoin trading, you can start by using a reliable website like

The Playkey token is going to be offered on seven exchanges having different trading volumes five weeks after the funds raising.

Exactly how will you work with exchanges to make the token accessible for trade?

Get Prepared

The most crucial element of the exchange will be the initial contact. There’s a great deal of competition in this industry.

Several exchanges possess a distinct application type. Others do not have an automated application system; they just request an email.

Exchanges oftentimes do not supply a distinct email address for token makers; therefore, they merely supply a standard email address.

Other individuals seem to have no contact info at all initially.

As a result, the very first thing you have to accomplish is to discover the contact details of the individuals that are accountable for any listing of tokens.

This is usually assisted by our advisors. You may even look to partners for assistance, for instance, Playkey has created helpful associations with many technology businesses that have released ICOs.

You could additionally search for contact info for professionals on forums. Perhaps even though you’ve previously finished the form on the exchange site, it is advisable to search for them.

By doing this, it won’t be swept away by the wave of suggestions coming in.

The most crucial factor is to comprehend the motives of the exchange.

Typically, they must take advantage of the chance to raise trading volumes and also to draw in new participants to the ecosystem.

What this means is you need to let them know why the project’s token is going to be common, and also show that it possesses an engaged audience that is prepared to go on the exchange following the token.

The exchanges typically value this based on the following requirements:

The Business Model

The method for making use of the token need to be clear, and the issue which resolves the creation of the blockchain and also the item itself will be up to date.

Playkey, for an instance, illustrates the way the decentralized service is assisting to take the industry to new heights and just how it’s becoming very popular.


As a result of legislative problems, a lot of exchanges don’t cope with security tokens (essentially securities) and also could call for a legitimate opinion saying the token doesn’t qualify as a security. It is advisable to set this up well ahead of time.

The Product

The exchange representatives have to realize that this is not a fraud, therefore they have to have a functioning product or prototype.

Playkey, as an instance, describes the reality of the cloud gaming platform being in operation for 4 years and we’ve previously implemented an element of the features of our decentralized platform.

The Audience

It’s crucial the project has successfully finished an ICO and will reveal the number of token owners, for instance, Playkey has over 2,500.

On typical sites, active groups, as well as threads on social media and messaging apps, assist a lot.

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