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How Can an Adaptive Leadership Framework Help Your Brand?

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COVID-19 has served as an illustration of how the companies who adopt an adaptive leadership framework for their organizational structure have the flexibility to make their business thrive no matter what the environment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught business leaders around the world some valuable lessons. The most overriding lesson is that a manager cannot take a top-down management attitude and hope to remain in competition for long or remain relevant in the marketplace in adverse times.

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Then and No

Just a couple of years ago, most managers were concerned with their brand’s market share in relation to their competitors. They were also busy increasing their production, sourcing better suppliers, and finding ways to cut their production costs.

Then in early January of 2020, word started making the rounds of a new virus that was proving to be extremely contagious and deadly. As the cases started to increase, more and more countries around the world began reporting their own outbreaks.

By June 2020, most of the world’s developed countries had closed their borders, and most of the town’s and cities around the world had imposed strict quarantines and lockdowns.


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Success in Taking an Adaptive Approach

For some of the world’s businesses, the quarantines and lockdowns had a devastating effect on sales and profits. But others who had a less top-down management style and were more adaptive in their management approach saw the pandemic as just another challenge to be overcome.

These managers were successful at knowing which legacies of the company had to be maintained and which could be sacrificed as a viable way to negotiate the company’s way through the pandemic and emerge successfully and intact at the other end. This separation of the crucial from the disposable takes an analytic mindset to accomplish effectively. It also takes organizational skills and the ability to plan ahead.

Above all, taking the adaptive approach involves every employee in a company, so the approach entails tact and highly developed personal leadership skills.


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When an adaptive approach is undertaken correctly, it can leave the company in a much better position than it was before the crisis. In this regard, it’s an irreversible and daring approach to management that the business world is quickly embracing. It understands that the world is constantly changing, and the structure and operations of the business should be agile enough to be able to keep pace with the changes.

Preserving the Past While Looking Forward

The success of this adaptive leadership framework is in using the legacies of the company’s past as guideposts to lead it to a new future. The past’s values and processes serve as the measuring sticks in deciding what will work well for the future as the business landscape continues to change.

If you feel that your business leadership methods need to change to keep up with a changing world and take advantage of new opportunities, contact the Center for Asia Leadership to find out more about our range of business education courses.


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