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The Newbie’s Guide to Cannabis in 2021

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The Newbie’s Guide to Cannabis in 2021

If 50 years ago one were to imagine how marijuana would be consumed in 2021, no one would have predicted the vast number of consumption methods available, from dab rigs to edibles, dry herb vaporizers, topicals, cannabis-infused drinks, and more. However, some of the more traditional consumption methods are still popular, such as bongs and joints.

If at this point you are confused by the terminology used, that might mean that you are new to cannabis. In which case, this guide is perfect for you as it covers the types of cannabis, the various consumption methods, and how each works.

Which Type of Cannabis?

Unfortunately, due to the criminalization of marijuana throughout the years, a stigma had formed, and as a result, many people believe that the marijuana plant produces the same effects. This however is untrue, and there are two main types of cannabis; sativa and indica.

You can describe sativa as the plant that produces a head high, and indica as the plant that produces a body high. The former is great for becoming energized, focused, and creative, whereas the latter is great for relaxation. The difference is caused by the amount of THC and CBD in each strain, and some even have an almost equal amount of both.

Vaporizer Cannabis

One of the easiest methods to use to consume marijuana is the dry herb vaporizer. While it is true that it might look complicated, all you need to do is grind the marijuana, fill the chamber, choose a temperature and press a button before inhaling.

Dry herb vaporizers have made the consumption of marijuana extremely convenient since they can be used on the go, they don’t leave a lingering smell behind, fit easily inside your pocket, and aren’t very difficult to clean. In addition to this, MagicVaporizers offer a variety of types to choose from, from desktop vaporizers to on-demand vaporizers and session vaporizers.

Traditional Rolling Papers

One of the very first ways that people began consuming cannabis in recent history, and arguably the most iconic, is through the use of rolling papers. Rolling papers offer a lot of conveniences since they come in a variety of sizes, meaning that users can roll small or big joints.

More than that, because they are so light, they can be carried around much more easily compared to a bong. In recent years technology has made it possible for rolling papers to even have a taste, and you can find many different flavors, such as chocolate, strawberry, banana, bubblegum, and more.

Grinders are Underrated

Whenever anyone thinks of consuming marijuana their first thought is the consumption methods used, such as the abovementioned joints, bongs, as well as dry herb vaporizers, dab rigs, edibles, and more. One item that many people forget are grinders, and they serve a very important role.

Grinders come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, and can be acquired from almost anywhere. The grinder is perhaps one of the most important items needed to consume marijuana since it grinds the marijuana into a much finer texture and consistency that makes it easy to roll or pack.

Proper Storage

Another item that is often forgotten in the conversation about marijuana is the fact that it needs to be stored properly. Just like any plant, when it is no longer growing it dries out, and when that happens the quality of the marijuana is affected. The perfect texture of marijuana should still be relatively sticky but not wet, and certainly not dry.

Marijuana should be kept in the dark, away from heat, and the perfect way to do this is in a stashbox, or a humidor if you have the money to spend to store marijuana in style.


For beginners, however, arguably the best place to start would be with a bong. Bongs are considered the most iconic of marijuana consumption methods, and they are incredibly easy to use. Fill the base of the bong with water in order to filter the smoke, grind the marijuana and pack the chamber, use a lighter to heat the marijuana, cover the air filtration hole and inhale. When done, the bowl can be emptied and the water thrown out.


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