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Intel’s Chips Will Be Faster This Year, Exceeding TSMC’s

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Intel's Chips Will Be Faster This Year, Exceeding TSMC's

(CTN News) – On Wednesday, Intel (INTC.O), opened new tab said it expected to surpass its biggest competitor in chip production by 2025 and provided new details about how it plans to maintain that lead versus Taiwan’s TSMC until at least 2026.

Earlier in the day, Intel was planning to make the announcements at an event in San Jose, California at the first technology conference for Foundry, a contract manufacturing operation it set up to compete with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (2330.TW).

As soon as this year is over, Intel plans to reclaim the mantle of making the fastest chips from TSMC with its new Intel 18A manufacturing technology, and extend its lead into 2026 with its new 14A technology.

It is the first time that the Silicon Valley company has given details of its long-term plans beyond 2025 with the announcement of 14A technology. It was the deadline that Pat Gelsinger had set for himself when he became CEO of Intel three years ago in an effort to regain the chipmaking crown.

Over the course of decades, Intel made chips exclusively for itself and made use of its lead in manufacturing to create a cycle in which it made chips with industry-leading performance and charged a premium for them. In turn, these margins contributed to the advancement of manufacturing. However, Intel’s manufacturing lead was lost, resulting in a decline in the competitiveness of its chips and a reduction in its margins, which undermined the ability to fund a manufacturing revival.

Currently, Intel is hoping for billions of dollars in government subsidies and business from outside customers to help it get back on track.

A number of customers may be attracted by TSMC’s long history of operating cutting-edge factories on multiple continents, especially those who are concerned about the concentration of TSMC’s most advanced factories in Taiwan.

In reference to Foundry’s geographic diversity, Stu Pann, the executive overseeing the company, stated, “It’s a good sales pitch right now. People want that.”.

According to Intel, four ‘large’ customers have signed up for 18A manufacturing technology. However, the customers have not yet been identified.

Additionally, Developed a technology that analysts believe will prove useful in speeding up power-hungry artificial intelligence chips. According to Nvidia, the market leader in artificial chips, the company is evaluating Intel’s manufacturing technology, but no agreement has been announced between the two companies.

Ben Bajarin, chairman and chief executive of Creative Strategies, said efforts to attract outside customers are critical to its turnaround.

In fact, this is an unanswered question since this is likely to take two to three years before we have any inkling that this is working.


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