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How Technology is Changing the Pet Care Industry



How Technology is Changing the Pet Care Industry

The pet care industry is growing regardless of economic conditions.

Reports show that Americans spend around $80 to $142 monthly on their pets. Gen z and Millennials don’t care if the economy is tough or not.

While the pet care industry is becoming a gold mine waiting to be exploited to its wholeness, technology innovation is making the pet care industry grow to provide an ecosystem that can bring pet owners and pets together.

Technology is helping the pet care industry to locate different pet food niches to be able to serve pet owners well.

A pet owner knows that as much as they want to spend time with their pet 24/7, you also want your space, have time to work, and engage in any other activities.

but with the way technology has made it seem you can keep your pets engaged with so many pet care tech devices on the internet while you are gone, it has made interacting and caring for our pets easier and better than ever.

I mean you can get better with the nutrition of your pet.

As many pet owners are set to offer the best to their pets, the pet care industry is making sure to monetize their emotions and provide them with different technology that serves them and their pets.

According to the trend, pet owners let their pet sleep on their bed, the pet has their own park for fun, has their own soap and conditioner.

go on walks often, eats a lot better than most humans do and are treated like family members, but we also know that being a pet owner comes with anxiety because most times these pets don’t care about your health.

Technology lets the pet parents have peace of mind knowing that they don’t have to go through all the work in taking care of their pet;

you can conveniently provide healthcare for your pet, as healthcare technology in the pet care industry is advanced and more equipment and devices have been introduced to assist the healthcare of pets.

For instance, driving to the vet will take a while because first, you will have to book an appointment even before getting there.

but with online medical assistance, you can have access to your assistance for your dog’s health, and it’s on for 24/7 anywhere.

The pet technology market is said to grow 22% annual growth rate from 2021-2027, and the global pet market is worth $261billion. Several people are pet parents, and some have more than one pet.

Most of these pet tech provide pet-sitter services, and it makes the pet parents feel comfortable to engage the service of pet-sitters to take care of their pet in their space.

Technology has entered every industry. You can monitor your pet while you’re away.

The AiDot is a home monitoring that provides safety for your loved ones; it is designed to help you monitor your pet and even your family when you are far away from them.

Monitor Your Pet at Home with AiDot

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AiDot is a home monitoring device that helps you with the use of a security camera that monitors every moment of your pets, detecting where they are and what they are doing.

AiDot cloud service helps you to locate your pet in all areas of your house, also sending you a message reminding you to check up on your pets.

The pet sitting feature is perfect for you if you want better companionship and to observe the pet’s habits. AiDot gives you monitoring reports to help you understand the activities, food, and habits of your pet.

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