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Using LinkedIn for Business: Why and How?

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For ordinary employees, LinkedIn is a community designed solely for finding jobs. Nevertheless, LinkedIn has a lot to offer to businesses. Entrepreneurs and owners of organizations use it for recruiting, business promotion, and improving sales.

Read on to know the best ways to use LinkedIn for business and its benefits to B2B various organizations.

How Does LinkedIn Help Businesses?

LinkedIn is known to be a network for professionals, specialists, and decision-makers. It is not a surprise that people talk there about growth, development, and career.

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What does it give to businesses? On the one hand, organizations get a pool of experts to recruit. On the other hand, they get a place to listen to and discuss problems and solutions. That way, LinkedIn is suitable not only for hiring but the promotion of goods as well, among other things.

Let’s see in detail why LinkedIn is so widely used by organizations worldwide:

Recruiting and hiring

Well, bringing employees to the employers is the most prominent area of LinkedIn application. The network allows users to display their skills, experience, and job status. This social media also offers hiring functions, allowing recruiters to search for candidates who are “open to work.”

For sure, it is an excellent tool for headhunting and presenting offers to those who occupy certain positions. Let’s say an entrepreneur starts a business and needs a CTO. By typing the keyword, they can get a list of people who would suit the profile with respect to years of experience and location, to name a few.


Simultaneously, the company can turn the tables and use LinkedIn to create an image and improve its online presence. As soon as the company makes a company page, it can show its values and mission, showing what they do and need.

For instance, 2BC actors use it to improve their employer brand so that candidates could search for jobs and apply for positions by themselves, encouraged by the employer’s reputation. Regarding B2B companies, they show their story there to raise awareness about their products.

Marketing opportunities

As the LinkedIn users are mainly business people, B2B organizations can carry out their marketing plans there. Their prospects come to LinkedIn to discuss issues and find growth solutions. Notably, if you serve business people, you can offer them products that will help them.

That’s why there is a space for presenting your goods, software, or service. B2B marketers apply social media, content, and influencer marketing to attract leads, generate traffic to their websites, and promote their products. Everything depends on the stage of the customer journey you want to use it for.

Social selling

Right, LinkedIn is used to bring conversion in the long term. Before, the social selling concept contemplates building relationships, for which LinkedIn is an excellent instrument if you have enough expertise and share great content. In this regard, you establish trust and make the customers interested in your products.

Besides, you can combine it with outreach and develop personalized campaigns. Imagine you use email finders to extract emails in bulk to reach your prospects. Yet, some of them don’t answer. What can you do?

Some of these tools provide LinkedIn info together with emails (the particular email finder offers detailed information on contacts: Using this software, you can contact the potential customers who are not answering and build a relationship with them, improving trust, fostering cooperation, and creating a conversion opportunity.

As a result, you now know that the best ways to use LinkedIn for business refer to hiring, improving reputation, marketing your products or business, and building relationships with your customers for boosting sales.

How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Business

Using LinkedIn for companies’ promotion efforts requires you to comply with the rules of LinkedIn and think of them when marketing your products. What are the rules, then?

  • Make it visible that you are an expert.
  • Connect to more people and enlarge your network.
  • Provide value that will allow your community growth.

However, do you wonder how to use LinkedIn as a company that is only starting its social media operation? The following tips may help you:

Design a page or a profile reflecting your brand

For business marketers, there are several options. You can create a company page to present its products or use a personal page to advocate your brand. In each scenario, you should make sure to fill all the sections underlining what you do.

You should highlight your expertise and be detailed, meaning you should insert relevant information into a summary, skills, and experience fields. If you represent the brand, make sure to add a background photo linking to its mission.

Share content to improve online presence

To promote business on LinkedIn, you should apply content marketing strategies. The best way to offer value is to post helpful content on your page, using LinkedIn as a publishing platform for your recommendations, summaries of case studies, and guides. At the same time, you can make polls for greater engagement.

You would educate your customers by posting content pieces, making them interested in you and your product. Besides, you can use it to direct potential customers to your website or encourage them to sign for a newsletter.

Notably, if the content is good, word of mouth would make it work, boosting your image and improving your online presence.

Expand your network and use search for leads

At the same time, to promote business on LinkedIn, you need to advance your networking. It means that the more connections you have, the better it is for your reach and lead generation opportunities. First of all, connections are likely to add to your shares and views.

Secondly, they will give you more access to other profiles, allowing you to scrape information or use tools to extract emails and approach more prospects via direct messages or email. Lastly, if you have a large base of followers, it will contribute to your trust. Thus, try to connect with people regularly, so that in some months you could be more visible. You can also go the route of quick progress and buy Linkedin followers that will help you get more visibility.

Join discussions

How to use LinkedIn as a company that tries to do social selling? You need to build relationships, thus try to start or join discussions. That way, you can share insights and pieces of advice, fostering value. Nonetheless, it is essential not to push people to buy your goods or services in the beginning—businesspeople appreciate solutions, not products. Thus, if you do offer something, try a gentle approach.

Notably, you can start discussions in the comment sections of the posts of other people. Another way is to join communities and do posts there. If they answer you, you can send them a personalized message and offer your help.

By Alona Shalieieva

Alona Shalieieva

For the last three years, I have been working as a Customer Support Representative for lead finder software GetProspect. Being a tech expert, I am fond of helping customers resolve their issues. Along with that, I improved my skills as a tech writer. I am skilled in email marketing UK and lead generation niche and can explain in simple words any complex topic.


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