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5 Facts About How PEMF Corrects Cellular Dysfunction Throughout the Body

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Although PEMF has been in widespread use for more than half a century, there is still some mystery regarding its mode of action. It is just not good for boosting some local healing processes. It is equally good for complete rejuvenation. That is why people are more likely to use PEMF mats.

Moreover, PEMF is not necessarily for those living with some ailment. It could be good for preventing diseases. It may even have an energizing and anti-ageing effect.

Helps normalize the flow of energy

Every activity of the human body is controlled by the nervous system. The autonomic nervous system especially plays a vital role in maintaining these functions. However, imbalances in the autonomic nervous system are quite common.

PEMF is not the only therapy that tries to normalize the flow of energy into the body to help overcome imbalances. In fact, many traditional therapies have long mentioned the value of normalizing this flow. Thus, therapies like acupuncture, Chinese traditional medicine, Ayurveda all try to normalize this energy balance.

PEMF therapy is a more modern and scientific approach. It supplies electro energy pulses that are very close to the body’s own frequency. This creates an oscillation in the body and helps normalize its functions. Thus, it may help prevent autonomic imbalance, reduce anxiety, calm down nerves, help reduce blood pressure, normalize gut function, and much more.

Help overcome hidden sources of inflammation

Researchers are now increasingly realizing that many metabolic disorders are due to continuous low-level inflammation. Thus, they think that this inflammation causes heart diseases, makes brain disorders worse. However, they have no idea about what are the causes of this low-level inflammation.

PEMF devices are like mats that can work on the whole body. These pulses may penetrate deep inside the body. They are more likely to influence where there is inflammation or other changes. It may boost local NO production there, reduce leakage from blood vessels, suppress inflammation. It is pretty good for regular use and ensuring optimal health in the long run.

Reduce muscle spasms

Non-specific body aches are one of the most common complaints these days. However, doctors struggle to manage these conditions, as they cannot find the cause of such pains. Thus, more people are getting diagnosed with conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome. However, treating these conditions remain highly challenging for medicine.

Nonetheless, doctors know that physical therapy, physiotherapy, various alternative treatments can bring relief. PEMF therapy may help reduce these spasms, suppress local tenderness, and help get rid of body aches.

PEMF therapy is also good when the cause of such pains is known, like in the case of lower back pain. In addition, PEMF device may help boost blood flow, reduce spasm, and thus promote healing.

Boost production of growth factors

One of the reasons for an increasing number of health issues with aging is the reduced production of growth factors. However, researchers know that it is not just about growth hormones. They understand that perhaps hundred or thousands of growth factors are needed to slow down cellular aging.

These growth factors are very difficult to identify as they are secreted in very minute amounts. Nonetheless, they have a widespread impact on health. However, PEMF therapy, if used regularly, may help normalize the body’s internal rhythm and thus improve the secretion of these growth factors. That is why PEMF devices are especially good for boosting tissue regeneration.

Increase blood flow to vital organs

A massage may help boost blood flow to skeletal muscles, but it is far more challenging to enhance the blood flow of internal organs. PEMF devices provide pulses that may help normalize the function of blood vessels deep inside the body. Thus, it may also improve blood flow to vital organs.

For maximum benefit, manufacturers of PEMF mats would often combine multiple therapies into a single mat. Thus, a PEMF mat would also have hot stone, infrared, photon light, and even negative ion therapy. These therapies have varying abilities to penetrate the body, thus helping provide better health when used together.

To conclude, pemf therapy practitioners has been around for some time. Although researchers know many of its mechanisms of action like reducing inflammation, boosting production of growth factors, reducing edema. However, they are still to discover its health benefits completely.

PEMF devices can help overcome cellular dysfunction, enhance energy production. It also boosts the production of tissue NO, growth factors. At the same time, it may suppress the overproduction of inflammation-causing cytokines. Thus, regular use of PEMF therapy may help prevent various systemic disorders.

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