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What are the Best Places in America that are Attracting the Youth?

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best places in America

Are you looking for the best places in America to live for millennials? If yes then you have come to the right place. According to statistics, in recent years, there is an increment of 0.79% in the youth population in the USA. At a certain point in life, young people choose to relocate with the help of the best nationwide movers rated and reviewed at Moving Feedback when they are ready to leave the nest or want to give a new start to their life journey to have independent living. The reasons behind the relocation of different people are different. Check where they like to move:

1. Washington, D.C 

The city is in the District of Columbia that has a population of around 7 lacs. Millennials like to live in urban areas and the city offers them the urban feel. There are lots of bars, restaurants, parks and coffee shops present in the city which you can enjoy.

2. Phoenix 

The climate conditions, favourable temperature, heat, and sunshine are some of the things that are attracting people to this region. Sipping drinks, enjoying night-outs is very popular with lots of bars present here. The lower overhead cost of living along with the inexpensive food makes it just the best place in America to relocate.

3. Berkeley

This is a city in California with a population of around 1,21,500. It is an Alameda country and is has the best places in America to live in California. It gives an urban-suburban mix feel and most people rent their homes here. It is the home to the University of California. Cafes, shops and music stores are present eve.

4. Columbus

It has the largest nation’s college campus which makes it a home of thousands of Ohio state university students. Some of the most popular museums and art halls are also present here. The economic position of the state is strong and students who study here got a suitable job at the same place making them stay here even after completion of their graduation.

5. Long beach 

The city is situated in the California district. The best thing about the city is its peace like even the busiest port doesn’t interfere with the total enjoyment of the city. The location of the place makes it easier to access the Los Angeles major city’s venues and entertainment. The art scene, sound, and music attract a huge population of youth here. Also, all those millennials who are looking for a perfect job can relocate because of the vast number of employment opportunities present here.

6. Seattle 

The low rents, superb scenery, and hundreds of web start-ups present here attract a huge population in this state. The best places in America are equipped with a healthy overabundance of coffee shops. Though most people consider it to be rainy that is just a myth. Do you know it sells more sunglasses every year than the other cities present in the US? The job employment rate in technology is also great so an individual looking for a job in the tech area should choose to relocate here.

7. New Hampshire 

Over the recent years, the place has the growth in young population to 1.90%. Though the state is the smallest one natural beauty of the state attracts more and more people towards it. The valleys, rivers, lakes, and mountains are present here to make it an ideal location. All the old mills and warehouses are becoming high-tech and the high-tech industries are attracting a wide array of youth here.

8. Idaho 

The place is popular for its rugged landscapes and precious stones. Before statehood, the economy is dependent on mining but now it has been shifted towards agriculture. The tourism industry also plays a main role in the economy of the state and with the advanced manufacturing, aerospace, computer technology, innovation, food production, the place has become popular in many ways.

9. San Francisco 

This is considered one of the best places to live in California. The dense urban feel, with the beauty of the place, is what makes it an ideal spot to start your life being a millennial, the place ranks 2 in the best cities for young professionals. Also, the employment rate is great so all those millennials looking to give a kick start to their career can move here.

Things they look for to find an ideal destination!!!

  • Broadband connectivity
  • Employment opportunities. Usually, youth get attracted towards the places where there are higher job opportunities in the informal sectors, finance, and technology.
  • They check the relatively young population of an area.
  • Availability of housing on rental
  • Availability of jobs, colleges, and their costs also
  • Affordable accommodation and urban feel

Wrapping it all up!!!

While America is a single country but not all the states and cities present in this country are the same. Young people are prioritizing to move to certain places only where they can find everything that they are looking for. The above list contains all those best places in America.


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