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Subscriptions To Twitter Accounts Of Users Will Be Displayed

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Subscriptions To Twitter Accounts Of Users Will Be Displayed

(CTN News) – Twitter just made it possible for users to do something like that.

There is a feature on Twitter called “Subscriptions” that provides users with exclusive, paywalled tweets from their favorite creators in exchange for a monthly fee, which is paid to Twitter as a subscription service.

It is not a new feature, but it has been around for a while. As owner Elon Musk has focused on growing subscription-based services on the platform, it has taken on a new prominence as “Subscriptions” on the platform, since it has existed since 2021 as “Super Follows.”

But this week, Twitter did launch something new that has to do with Subscriptions.

It was announced this afternoon that Twitter has quietly launched a new metric feature on its platform that shows exactly who users are paying to subscribe to.

As soon as a Twitter user subscribing to a creator uses the Subscriptions feature, a Subscriptions metric will appear on their profile alongside their Following and Followers counts.

As an example of this, if one were to look at Elon Musk’s account, it would be obvious that he is paying for the subscription to 75 accounts on Twitter.

His subscriptions to several accounts include a few meme accounts, a handful of Tesla fan accounts, and a multitude of right wing personalities such as LibsofTikTok, Ian Miles Cheong, and the conservative “satire” website The Babylon Bee, among others.

I think that Twitter has made an interesting move by making this metric public. During the past few months, Musk has been making the Subscriptions feature a pretty prominent part of his marketing campaign.

According to a screenshot posted on Musk’s account in late April, he revealed that he had nearly 25,000 users paying subscriptions to be able to access his account through Subscriptions.

A short time after that, Ryan Mac of the New York Times reported(opens in a new tab) on an internal email Musk sent to Twitter employees urging them to subscribe to creators and expense the subscriptions back to Twitter.

On the other hand, based on dozens of Twitter accounts that Mashable monitored, Musk’s 75 subscriptions appear to be nothing short of a major outlier if not the most creators that a single user subscribes to outright.

There appears to be no way for a user to opt-out of being shown a list of who subscribes to them within this new metric, which is another issue with this new metric.

If a user replies to a tweet from a creator to whom they are subscribed, the subscriber label that appears when they reply will allow the user to choose whether or not to show the subscriber label.


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