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[VIDEO] Single Dad Dresses Like a Mom for Daughter’s Mothers Day School Celebration



A single father in Thailand recently won hearts netizens after a video showed him dressed as a woman at his daughter’s school for a Mothers Day event. The viral video, which was posted last Friday (Aug 11), has over 33,000 likes and over 360,000 views on TikTok.

Pratchaya “Joe” Tadeebu, the father, may be seen seated in front of his daughter, Nattawadee “Cream” Kornjan, as the latter pays her thanks after handing Tadeebu a flower at a Mother’s Day event at her school.

Tadeebu, 48, is wearing a black and white polka-dot outfit and a lengthy black wig. Kornjan, 15, then runs into her father’s arms, embracing him tightly and smiling from ear to ear as Tadeebu places kisses on her head.

Tadeebu uploaded a Facebook snapshot showing the two of them smiling brightly, while observers around them – other parents and students — also smile warmly at the couple.

“Mother must be present on Mothers Day,” Tadeebu stated on his Facebook page. “I can be a mother for you (his daughter) as well!”

Single Dad Daughter Dresses as a Mom for Daughter's Mothers Day School Celebration

He also revealed to Asia One that he is a teacher at his daughter’s school and that his daughter was adopted.

“We talked to each other about what we should do this Mothers Day,” Tadeebu added in the interview. “I don’t want Cream to feel abandoned; I want her to be content.”

“When the idea of dressing as a woman came up, I felt no shame at all.” We always find ways to have a good time together.

“Even though I am a single father and Cream’s stepfather, I always tell her she is my daughter, and I love her as if she were my biological child.” I will try my best as both a father and a mother to care for my daughter.”

Kornjan was equally confident in her father’s participation in the event, telling Thai media that she thought it was cute and hilarious, with no trace of discomfort.

Her feelings were repeated in the comments section of Tadeebu’s social media posts. Many Facebook users observed that the two looked “very cute” together, with Tadeebu looking “very cute” in the clothing and wig.

“Your daughter will definitely love you as much as you love her!” remarked another commenter. “This is known as love,” commented one commenter on Tadeebu’s TikTok post.

“Your family is so cute,” a TikTok user commented. “You don’t have to have it all. Simply being content with what you have is adequate.”

Every year on August 12th, Thailand celebrates Mothers Day. This is the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, Thailand’s Queen Mother, who is regarded as a mother figure by the Thai people. In Thailand, Mother’s Day is a meaningful and passionate event where people express their love and thanks to their moms and maternal figures.

delivering gifts, spending quality time with mothers, and expressing gratitude via various gestures such as cooking special meals, delivering flowers, or presenting homemade cards are common parts of the event. On this day, many schools and organisations host events and activities to honour moms.

It is crucial to remember that Mother’s Day is a public holiday in Thailand, allowing families to gather and honour the value of mothers in their lives.

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