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Russian Warship Damaged in Ukrainian Attack On Black Sea Port, Confirms Moscow



(CTN News) – One fatality and five individuals sustained injuries in the aftermath of Ukrainian forces’ cruise missile strikes targeting a Russian landing warship in Feodosia, Black Sea, on Tuesday night, as reported by the Interfax news agency.

President Vladimir Putin was apprised of the latest assault by Kyiv on Christmas Eve.

Ukrainian military employed air-launched missiles to carry out the attack on the Crimean port of Feodosia, as indicated by Russian media sources.

The Kremlin disclosed that Minister Sergei Shoigu briefed President Putin on the details of the Ukrainian attack.

Tensions Surge in the Black Sea Conflict

Yuriy Ihnat, spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force, conveyed to Radio Free Europe that he anticipated significant challenges for the Novocherkassk, a vessel capable of transporting tanks and armored vehicles, and facilitating troop landings, to be reinstated into active service.

The incident underscores the escalating tensions in the region, with both Ukrainian and Russian forces engaging in hostilities.


The use of cruise missiles in this recent exchange further highlights the sophisticated nature of the military actions and the potential repercussions for naval assets in the Black Sea.

We can observe the magnitude of the explosion, the nature of the detonation. Following such an event, the survival prospects for a ship become extremely challenging because this wasn’t merely a rocket; it was the detonation of munitions,” the spokesperson emphasized.

Additionally, the spokesperson revealed that Ukraine deployed cruise missiles in the assault, refraining from specifying the exact type. These sophisticated weapons were supplied to Ukraine by both Britain and France.

In the ongoing military engagement between the conflicting forces, Moscow reported that Russian anti-aircraft weaponry successfully neutralized two Ukrainian Su-24 jets in the vicinity of the city of Mykolai.

This development underscores the intensity of the hostilities and the utilization of advanced military technology by both parties involved.

The international supply of weaponry adds a geopolitical dimension to the conflict, as nations contribute to the military capabilities of their allies in the region.

Russia 1

Following the attack, an extensive response involving up to 250 rescue workers was mobilized to address the situation.

Escalating Tensions: Damaged Novocherkassk and Strategic Shifts in the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict

Landing ships, such as the damaged Novocherkassk, primarily serve the purpose of transporting sizable military cargoes and land forces during operations. The Novocherkassk, despite its damage, possessed the capacity to carry 10 main battle tanks and accommodate 340 troops.

This incident echoes a prior attack in September on a military dock in Sevastopol, where a similar type of weapon was employed. During that assault, the Kilo-class diesel-electric attack submarine Rostov-on-Don and the Ropucha-class landing ship Minsk both sustained damage.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, Russia recently asserted control over the strategic Ukrainian city of Maryinka in the Donetsk People’s Republic earlier this week.

Maryinka is recognized as a significant stronghold for Kyiv forces, and its capture by Russian forces marks a notable development in the ongoing conflict.

The geopolitical dynamics of the region are evolving rapidly, with military actions and territorial control playing a crucial role in shaping the overall landscape.

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