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Police Detain Woman After 2 Year-Old Boy Found Dead in Refrigerator

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Police Detain couple After 2 Year-Old Boy Found Dead in Refrigerator

Police in central Thailand have detained a 25-year-old woman for questioning after a two-year-old boy’s body was discovered in a refrigerator at a townhouse. A relative had earlier reported the child missing to authorities.

At approximately 7.30 a.m., law enforcement, forensic experts, rescue personnel, and a medical team converged on a residential complex on Rattanathibet Road in Nonthaburi Province. There, they discovered the boy’s remains were in a bedroom of the two-story townhouse, wrapped in a blanket and crammed inside a refrigerator.

Police say a woman, identified as Marisa “Koi” Thong-iam, was discovered near the location and was the last individual known to have been with the child before his death. Ms. Marisa, who was 6 months pregnant, was transported to a local police station for interrogation.

Marisa and her partner, Mr. Harnnarong, 31, had assumed parental responsibilities for the boy because his parents were incarcerated on drug charges. According to an initial investigation.

Police Detain Woman After 2 Year-Old Boy Found Dead in Refrigerator

Ms. Marisa testified to investigators that the boy choked to death after sticky rice got lodged in his esophagus after ingesting it. She expressed confusion regarding her next course of action and ultimately decided to wrap a boy in a blanket and wait for her husband to return.

She said when her husband arrived home, he placed the boy’s lifeless body into the refrigerator.

According to police, Mr. Harnnarong’s grandparents called the police after detecting an offensive odor within the residence.

Ms. Marisa, Mr. Harnnarong, his grandparents, and the boy were the only individuals who lived in the residence, according to Police. Mr Harnnarong’s grandmother had reported him missing; she believed he may still be in the residence.

The grandmother requested that the police investigate her grandson’s locked bedroom. Upon forcibly opening the bedroom door, the officers detected an offensive odor emanating from a refrigerator in the room.

The body of the child was subsequently discovered in the refrigerator.

As investigators awaited the autopsy report, CID detectives would approach the boy’s biological parents for questioning.

Police investigators are waiting for the postmortem examination results before pressing charges.  The grandparents are unlikely to be charged, given that the grandfather was blind and the grandmother was the one who alerted the police.

Police Arrest Ladyboy Over Gold Shop Heist

Police Arrest Ladyboy

In other police news, a ladyboy has been arrested for robbing a gold shop, stating she/he wanted the money to acquire a gun to kill a former assistant, who was accused of conspiring with her ex-boyfriend to defraud her of a large sum of money.

In the early hours of yesterday, police apprehended Preecha Samankhoon, or Thian, a 20-year-old Phangnga native, at a mansion room in downtown Hat Yai. Her possessions included eight stolen gold necklaces.

During questioning, the ladyboy admitted to authorities that she committed the robbery because she needed money to buy a gun. She planned to use the weapon to assassinate a former aide who reportedly collaborated with her ex-boyfriend to defraud her of hundreds of thousands of baht.

A lone robbery occurred Thursday evening at the Yaowarat Krungthep gold shop at Lotus’s retail center in Sadao. The robber left on a motorcycle with eight gold necklaces weighing 24 baht each and approximately 800,000 baht.

Three shop employees, all women, were unharmed but noticeably terrified, according to Pol Lt Col Pichai Khunthongkaew, investigation chief at Sadao station.

Closed-circuit video (CCTV) shows the thief, who wore a face mask and entered the shop armed with a knife. She ran across the counter and quickly snatched gold necklaces from the showcase after telling the personnel to sit down. The robbery only lasted one minute.

Police used CCTV to track down the culprit and collect information about her whereabouts, verifying her transgender status.


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