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Joe Biden’s Motorcade Was Hit By a Vehicle, But He Emerged Unharmed.



Joe Biden's Motorcade Was Hit By a Vehicle, But He Emerged Unharmed.

(CTN News) – A collision occurred in Joe Biden’s motorcade on Sunday night in Delaware, involving a sedan and a sport-utility vehicle. Officials stated that it was an accidental car accident and not an intentional act, with no injuries reported.

Following a campaign dinner with staffers and volunteers, the president’s motorcade was preparing to transport Biden and the first lady, Jill Biden, to their residence in Wilmington. As Joe Biden stepped onto the street, a crash could be heard nearby, catching the attention of journalists and the Secret Service.

A video posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, captured the moment when a loud boom and the sound of an engine revving were heard at an intersection close to the building. Journalists on the scene exclaimed, “Whoa,” in response.

Another video showed Joe Biden walking towards a vehicle,

Acknowledging reporters with a wave, just moments before the collision occurred. As the crash happened, Biden and his Secret Service agents turned towards the sound and swiftly guided him into the safety of the vehicle. Without any harm, Biden was quickly whisked away from the scene.

The sedan was surrounded by Secret Service agents who had their guns drawn, while the driver of the car raised his hands. Video footage captured at the scene revealed that the sedan had sustained damage to its front bumper, and the road appeared to be slippery due to the rain. The driver can be seen conversing with the Secret Service agents while keeping his hands raised.

In an official statement, the Secret Service indicated that the collision was an unintentional incident.

Special Agent Steve Kopak, a spokesperson for the Secret Service, stated, “There was no protective interest associated with this event, and the president’s motorcade departed without any problems.”

On Sunday night, downtown Delaware experienced rainy conditions as a heavy rainstorm swept through the area. Power outages were reported in the state, and a flood warning remained in effect until Monday morning.

The Wilmington police department released a statement confirming that their officers are currently investigating the collision and have confirmed that no injuries occurred.

The department stated that the investigators are also examining whether impairment had any involvement in the incident.

The collision occurred outside Joe Biden’s campaign headquarters in downtown Wilmington. Joe and Jill Biden were hosting a holiday dinner for their campaign staff and volunteers working on the president’s 2024 re-election campaign.

Shortly before the crash, Jill Biden had stepped out and greeted the crowd gathered outside, wishing them “happy holidays” before entering a vehicle.

Just moments before the collision, a reporter had asked Joe Biden about his thoughts on his declining poll numbers as he was walking toward his vehicle. According to NBC News, Biden responded, “They’re the wrong polls.”


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