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iTop VPN For Windows: Why You Should Choose it to Protect Your IP



network, iTop VPN For Windows: Why You Should Choose it to Protect Your IP

Are you using a Virtual Private Network to protect your safety and privacy? It is an essential thing in today’s time, and if you are not doing so, hackers can easily track all your details. The iTop VPN is a free VPN for Windows and is used instead of a real Internet Protocol (IP) address. It is the best alternative and is regarded as a security tool to browse online. It protects your identity and ensures no one can track what you are doing. Here are some of the features of using iTop VPN to understand why to have one.

Encrypts The Data

The Virtual Private Network will encrypt the data and hide the IP address from trackers and hackers. It safeguards privacy and security, and you can do so by just pressing the connect button. It connects to the most stable and fastest servers quickly and automatically. The free VPN allows you to browse the internet safely.

No Option Of Tracking

As all information is encrypted, visitors will not find any details in the history section also. It prevents third-party access, and no one can spy on, capture, or collect the data. In addition, if there is any problem where you need expert help, the dedicated team of professionals is always active. They can solve your problem remotely. Significantly, if there are any other fixed bugs, it is easy for you to eliminate them, and the brand uses the newest UI design.

One Account To Operate From Multiple Devices

When you use an iTop VPN from different devices, there is no need to create multiple accounts. You can use the same account on different devices, and no compulsory logging policy is there. It is the best part of the iTop VPN and is available for free. There are no restrictions on when and where you can use it. It also comes with newly added network protocols allowing you to use it without encountering inconvenience.

Stream Netflix Content

At times, due to border restrictions, you are unable to watch your favorite actor’s series that are available on Netflix. But if you have a VPN for PC, then you can easily watch them. You can easily change the IP address and select the country to watch the content. It is a great way to watch all the upcoming things that are launched on the platform.

Uses Military-grade Encryption

VPN uses military-grade encryption technology, which you won’t get anywhere. It also has dedicated servers for social services and comes with unlimited bandwidth. It allows you to check the IP address in real-time and comes with added features. The IP checker has added new network protocols and enhances the speed and stability of the connection.

In the end

It’s time to look for an iTop VPN and opt for a secure and free service. By creating an account, you can connect to a stable and free network and enjoy accessing the site from anywhere. With that, no one will get to know which site you visited and when you left the device.

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