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Chiang Mai Thailand Hits the Top 10 Most Polluted Cities

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haze Chiang Mai, northern thailand

Several northern regions began to experience poisonous smog after Chiang Mai was named one of the top 10 most polluting cities in the world on Wednesday. This morning, the famed Doi Suthep mountain, which acts as a visual indicator of air pollution levels, was practically hard to see in Chiang Mai’s provincial seat due to thick smoke cloud.

According to statistics from Chiang Mai University’s air quality monitoring center, hourly PM 2.5 measures topped 100 micrograms per cubic meter in several regions, including the Suan Dok hamlet, where PM2.5 levels reached 177 micrograms per cubic meter.

Chiang Mai jumped to eighth place in the world for big cities with pollution this morning, according to IQAir’s statistics. Thirteen pollution hotspots were found in Chiang Mai, with the majority of them centered in the Mae Chaem district, totaling seven.

Similarly, other northern provinces are dealing with hazardous fog. During the morning hours, when chilly air stops pollution from spreading, certain places in Mueang district, Lamphun province, recorded PM levels over 600 micrograms per cubic metre.

Mr. Somkuan Tonjan, Director of the Meteorological Department’s Weather Forecasting Division, voiced concern about the current state of air pollution in the northern region, notably in Mae Hong Son, Chiang Rai, and Chiang Mai.

Air Quality Chiang Mai

The high PM 2.5 air quality levels are currently being investigated to establish whether they originate locally or are carried across borders, particularly from neighboring Myanmar, which is seeing a major increase in hotspots.

Recent weather patterns with northwesterly winds have also sent smoke into northern Thailand, increasing the kingdom’s already existing hotspot issues.

The current dry period has reduced rainfall to nearly zero, leaving wind as the dominant element influencing pollution levels.

The hilly districts of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in northern Thailand are no strangers to the thick haze that blankets the area every year. Agricultural burning, automobile emissions, and industrial operations all contribute to this phenomena, which is characterized by high levels of air pollution and dangerous PM 2.5 particles.

The haze situation in northern Thailand has serious consequences for both human health and the ecosystem. The haze’s poor air quality can cause respiratory ailments, cardiovascular problems, and a lower overall quality of life. Furthermore, the haze adds to environmental degradation, harming ecosystems and species in the area.

Concerned locals are increasingly demanding long-term solutions to northern Thailand’s haze situation. From stronger agricultural burning rules to the promotion of eco-friendly activities, there is a concerted effort to reduce the impact of the annual haze and protect the community’s well-being.

Experts believe that long-term resilience tactics are critical for combating the reoccurring smog in northern Thailand. This involves investing in renewable energy options, improving air quality monitoring systems, and promoting awareness of the value of environmental conservation. Working together, we can ensure a healthier and haze-free future for future generations.

The annual haze epidemic in northern Thailand is a significant issue that requires coordinated efforts and long-term solutions. By putting environmental preservation and public health first, we can fight to mitigate the effects of the haze and create a cleaner, safer environment for everyone.

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