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Massive 25-Foot Waves Pound California’s Shores, Second Wave Expected Today




(CTN News) – Enormous waves, reaching staggering heights of up to 25 feet, relentlessly pounded the shores of California, unleashing a destructive trail of havoc that stretched from Los Angeles all the way down to the southern regions of Oregon.

The West Coast found itself grappling with severe flooding, as the relentless waves inundated beaches, transforming serene coastal areas into chaotic landscapes.

The aftermath of this powerful onslaught was felt extensively, with debris and logs strewn across the once-pristine beaches and roads disrupted as far north as Oregon.

The onslaught of these colossal waves commenced on Thursday, initiating a cascade of challenges that manifested in the form of flooded beaches in Los Angeles and widespread chaos extending up to the southern regions of Oregon.

The presence of scattered logs along roads served as poignant and tangible reminders of the sheer force unleashed by this natural upheaval.

Unprecedented Coastal Chaos: Cyclones and Elevated Tides Unleash Havoc on the West Coast

The colossal waves wreaking havoc along the West Coast are a consequence of formidable cyclones brewing over the North Pacific, converging with unusually elevated tides and creating a perfect storm of hazardous conditions along the coastline.

The National Weather Service in Los Angeles has characterized this phenomenon as an unprecedented event, one that has not been witnessed in many years.


Despite a brief respite in conditions on Friday, forecasters are bracing for another surge in wave intensity on Saturday, with a second powerful swell looming on the horizon.

The convergence of potent cyclonic forces and elevated tides continues to pose a significant threat, underscoring the dynamic and unpredictable nature of this natural event.

Ariel Cohen, a representative from the Weather Service’s Los Angeles office, has issued a stark warning of life-threatening situations unfolding at the beaches, urging the public to steer clear of the water and brace for coastal flooding as the relentless waves continue their assault.

Emergency responders in Southern California have already undertaken multiple ocean rescues in the face of these hazardous conditions. High-surf warnings persist, with waves ranging from 15 to 25 feet, impacting various counties.

Coastal flood warnings and advisories have been issued, extending their reach until the weekend.

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Rising Sea Levels and Intensifying Storms: The Climate Change Connection

Climate change, according to UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain, may be playing a role in the heightened sea levels witnessed. He suggests a potential connection to the ongoing strong El Niño, which could be contributing to the inundation experienced in parts of California.

Adding to the complexity, while the initial waves arrived during fair weather on Thursday, forecasts predict rain for parts of the state on Friday and throughout the weekend, potentially exacerbating the flooding situation.

Dalton Behringer from the National Weather Service’s Bay Area Office explains that smaller creeks and streams along the coast are struggling to drain swiftly due to the coastal run-up, further worsening the overall situation.

Looking ahead, a storm system hovering over the North Pacific is poised to unleash heavy rain, thunderstorms, and mountain snow across California.

Northern regions are expected to experience rainfall ranging from half an inch to nearly 5 inches in some coastal mountain areas, with up to 18 inches of snow projected for higher Sierra peaks.

Given the vulnerability of coastal communities still recovering from past flooding events, this ongoing assault of nature serves as a stark warning for potential future flooding.

It underscores the critical need for vigilant preparedness and caution among residents and authorities alike in the face of these challenging and evolving weather conditions.

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