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5 Questions To Ask Your Amazon Account Manager

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Amazon Account Manager

Amazon account management services are of immense help for newer businesses who are trying to make an impact on the Amazon eCommerce platform. For all those businesses that subscribe to these services, Amazon provides an account manager who is an expert in establishing businesses on an online platform.

Now, to understand what things have to be done by your company to gain more traction and improve sales, it is better to ask the account manager some valuable questions regarding the Amazon account management system and its usability. In this article, we will look at the questions that you should ask the expert.

Top questions to ask your Amazon Account Manager:

Following are 5 questions that you should ask your Amazon account manager to understand their work,

1. How to secure a better rank on Amazon?

Most of the customers on Amazon make their purchases from the items listed at the top of page #1. So, having a spot on the first page of SERPs is very important for any business. To be at the top, you have to optimize how your product is presented and use keywords that the customers are more likely to search for.

2. Can reviews be bought or ask my friends and relatives to post reviews?

Amazon is unforgiving when it comes to the authenticity of the reviews on the detail page.. So, your Amazon expert should tell you not to use any illegitimate method to get reviews. The platform can identify these manipulations, which can lead to a permanent ban on the product or the company.

3. Can I manipulate bad reviews to prevent negative impressions of the brand?

As we said, there is no way to manipulate bad customer reviews. Amazon will not allow you to remove these reviews; all you can do in these scenarios is consider the reviews and work on the products to improve their quality. Your Amazon expert should also warn you for the same if you want them to manipulate the customer reviews for your company.

4. How important is the quality of the content?

Keyword rich and informative content is crucial for your listing to rank higher in the SERPs. If your page offers something valuable with careful use of keywords, it can be very influential in increasing the product’s rank. Amazon account managers will guide you towards producing highly optimized content.

5. Is the Amazon brand store a necessity?

Having a well-informed landing page is very important for companies new to the eCommerce platform. It provides a knowledge of all the products and services that a company provides and is vital for making the customers aware of their presence.


These questions are some of the facts that your Amazon account manager should be well informed of. If you are paying a lot of money but not getting significant results, then you should consider asking the managers to check their authenticity.


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