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Tradervesta ( Recovering Your Lost Money

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Complete recovery solutions are offered by MELMAC options LIMITED to those who have lost money in the Tradervesta ( scam and are seeking a way to get it back. If you have lost money in the Tradervesta scam, you may find out how to get it back by visiting the website of MELMAC SOLUTIONS LIMITED at

Concerns that the hedge fund Tradervesta ( may have been involved in a fraudulent plan to mislead investors have led to a significant spike in the number of complaints lodged against it.

The exchange’s deception has been validated by the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) verdict. There must be an immediate expose of the fraudulent organisation known as Tradervesta, whose domain name is

A global investigation organisation that focuses on combating financial fraud, MELMAC SOLUTIONS LIMITED may assist anyone who has lost money on the Tradervesta ( scam. The mission of MELMAC SOLUTIONS LIMITED’s team of highly skilled asset fraud recovery services is to safeguard and assist victims of investment frauds.

Melmac Solutions Limited is now the leading asset recovery firm after a string of successful cases involving the Tradervesta ( fraud. Tradervesta ( is a dubious internet trading platform that engages in dubious operations. For more information on this scam, you may visit the website of the Federal Trade Commission.

You should know that Tradervesta ( does not have the proper authorization to offer financial services. Consequently, the FSMA does not approve of any transactions that involve Tradervesta ( There is a lack of proper authority monitoring the Tradervesta website (, which is a red flag.

You should be sceptical about this alone. You should not even think of investing with Tradervesta ( in light of these important facts. These platforms’ already tarnished reputations for dishonesty are exacerbated by their promotion of “Automated trading software” via links. You could as well say that Tradervesta ( is one of the unlicensed foreign exchange firms.

It is quite likely that the organisation may steal from investors while escaping regulation, given the label’s emphasis on consumer protection.


Tradervesta Scam and What It Is ( A Full Overview

This is a common tactic used by unlicensed forex brokers such as Tradervesta ( Many other methods exist for persuading people to put money into the plan. Promising clients huge, unrealistic returns on investment is a common marketing strategy. After the initial payment, a “retention agent,” who happens to be an expert con artist, is assigned to the customer. The con artist is very skilled at using deceit to get more money out of his victims.

Repudiating the Tradervesta Scam ( and Recovering Your Funds

Dealing with an unregistered broker, such as Tradervesta (, puts your money at risk. It is necessary to seek a withdrawal quickly. Tradervesta ( could now attempt to coerce you into making more deposits or simply cease communicating with you.

A number of factors might delay your departure, and some people will try to earn your trust by offering you attractive incentives. It may take some time to sell off your assets once you’ve made a profit. After six months, the funds will be permanently removed from your account and a chargeback cannot be initiated. Only if we specifically request its return will the money be repaid.


Successful Strategies for Recouping Tradervesta Losses (

There are a lot of alternatives on Tradervesta’s website for people who have invested money and are now looking for a means to withdraw it. Keep any correspondence with Tradervesta ( in order to substantiate your refund request. You asked for a refund, and this paperwork shows that they knowingly denied or delayed your request.

For the next step, send a chargeback request to MELMAC SOLUTIONS LIMITED. Obviously, you need to get in touch with your bank. Think about why you would put your money in the hands of an unregulated trading company that is so determined about not giving you your money back.

Although the process of recovering funds is faster, there could be room for improvement in the interaction between Tradervesta and its payment processors ( You may rely on MELMAC SOLUTIONS LIMITED for help if you need any further information or guidance regarding the submission of your chargeback case.

Crypto scams

What to Do If You Get Conned by Tradervesta’s Cryptocurrency Scam ( However

Please save all correspondence related to the questionable Tradervesta ( website as proof of payment. Law enforcement must ensure the preservation of the evidence. Reporting the fraud will make the authorities aware of the situation and increase the likelihood that they will take action, even if they are not willing to assist you in recovering your funds.

You do have alternative options, even if it’s rather unlikely that the police might recover your missing bitcoin. To ensure a smooth transfer of funds to MELMAC SOLUTIONS LIMITED, kindly check if the BCH/BSV forks have been claimed (if you had it prior to August 2017) and submit the relevant receipts. Our encrypted data recovery process is the only one that can get your data back faster and better.

Final Thoughts on What to Do After the Tradervesta ( Scam

Go with an established company like MELMAC SOLUTIONS LIMITED if you want your money back; Tradervesta ( is a scam. They have proven time and time again that they can recoup lost cash while being calm and optimistic. They have been able to pull this off on several instances. To start the process of getting your property back, call MELMAC SOLUTIONS LIMITED right now.



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