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Why Anti-Spike Drink Covers Are Essential for Nightlife Safety?



Why Anti-Spike Drink Covers Are Essential for Nightlife Safety?

Phoebe Gorman and Nicole (name changed) both thought it would be a fun night out with friends. But the night turned out to be completely different from what they had expected.

Both these women became a victim of drink spiking and had to be admitted to the hospital for treatment.

The experiences of Phoebe and Nicole are eerily similar, although they are two separate incidents.

“I was just slumped over — dead is how my friend explained it. My body was just lifeless,” said Gorman.

One moment, they were drinking and having fun with their friends at the nightclub and then, suddenly, they started feeling unwell and collapsed lifeless onto the floor. Later, at the hospital, it was discovered that their drinks were spiked.

What is Drink Spiking?

Drink spiking is intentionally slipping drugs into a person’s drink without their knowledge or consent with the intention of physical and mental harm.

Drugs or substances used for spiking can be odourless, colourless, and tasteless to avoid detection from the person who is consuming them.

Drink-spiking acts also include the following:

  • Adding alcohol to water or non-alcoholic drinks
  • Mixing illegal or prescription drugs like GHB and benzodiazepines in alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

Assalutors get the chance to spike drinks mostly because they are uncovered and kept unattended. The best way to counter this issue is to use anti spike drink covers, which we will cover later in the article.

How Are Anti Spike Drink Covers Preventing Drink Spiking in Pubs and Clubs?

Pubs and nightclubs are using custom label printing services to produce anti spike drink covers for patrons. This initiative was started in consultation with the NSW police to prevent drink spiking in New South Wales clubs and promote safety.

Custom label printing service Rentons Labels has been working with the NSW government, NSW police force, Queensland police, and Queensland government to provide nightclubs with these anti spike drink covers.

How Do These Anti Spike Drink Covers Work?

Food-grade synthetic silver is used for making these covers with the club’s branding and an anti drinking message printed on the top. The anti spike drink covers are available in rolls of 500 and 1000 and can be custom-designed with just a few clicks.

The bar staff can peel off the covers and stick them to the glasses on behalf of the customers to prevent drugs from being mixed. Once applied, a straw can be inserted through the slot for drinking.

The NSW Police Force Adopts Anti Spike Drink Covers To Prevent Drink Spiking

This initiative has also gained tremendous support from the NSW Police Force. It is promoted as a part of their “Drink Safe” campaign. The police believe that using the anti spike drink covers will not only prevent crime but also be a “conversation starter.”

The covers are being distributed rapidly around Sydney’s WorldPride precinct to combat the menace of drink spiking.

What Other Steps Are Nightclubs Taking To Keep Patrons Safe From Drink Spiking Incidents?

Drink Stoppers

Drink stoppers are similar to anti spike drink covers that prevent substances from being poured into the glasses through the straw.

Drink stoppers come in bright colours that show that the drink is protected. Most nightclub owners provide these to the patrons along with anti spike drink covers.

Staff Training

The staff members at the club are the first line of defence when it comes to preventing drink spiking. Nightclubs and pubs are taking the initiative to re-train the staff on what to do with victims of drink spiking.

With the help of NGOs and local authorities like the police, bar staff are trained to look out for spiked drinks and their effects on an individual.

Keeping a Medic On Site

Having a trained healthcare professional on site to provide emergency medical support to customers whose drink has been spiked is seen as a positive step by many.

On-site medics must have adequate training and experience handling medical equipment like defibrillators to keep the victim stable till emergency services arrive at the location.

Final Words

Drink spiking is a criminal offence that not only affects the victim but also tarnishes the reputation of the nightclub and premises where the incident has taken place. So, pub and club management needs to be proactive and take steps to keep the clientele safe.

Anti spike drink covers and training the staff are some positive steps that many clubs have already undertaken. You should do the same and contact a custom label printing service to promote anti-spike drink covers to prevent drink spiking.

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