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Top 3 Reasons for Regular Water Heater Maintenance



Water Heater Maintenance

For water heater maintenance to ensure the availability of hot water across the home around the year, you must rely on a plumbing company recognized as the Full-Service Plumber in VancouverThese companies can take care of all your plumbing needs and ensure that the water heater works efficiently. Efficiency matters most for water heaters because a poor-performing water heater might supply hot water.

Still, the cost would be too high as it could consume more electricity or gas for heating water. Moreover, poorly maintained water heaters can malfunction anytime and cause immense problems for everyone, especially in cold seasons. To avoid issues with the water heater, you must have a schedule for checking and maintenance.

The benefits of scheduled maintenance of water heaters are many.

Save energy costs and lower water bills 

Poorly maintained water heaters remain operational but could inflate the energy bills as it takes longer to heat water. You need to look after the water heater well to avoid causing you many problems. You might not get hot water when you want, and moisture might not be as hot as it used to be.

If water is not hot enough, consumption will increase, and you will have to pay more for water bills. Having yearly maintenance done by a professional and qualified plumber ensures that the water heater is always in good condition and performs efficiently, lowering energy bills and water bills and guaranteeing consistent availability of hot water around the year.

Clean hot water

The minerals in water deposit inside the water heater’s tank and form a layer over time. During heating, the movement of water caused by the convection currents and due to the opening of taps constantly shed the deposited minerals that mix with water in the tank and makes it turbid and unclean.

The water coming from the water heater acquires a metallic taste, appears dirty and rusty, and might even have a strange smell. Regular maintenance of water heaters prevents the buildup of layers of minerals and unwanted materials and always ensures the supply of clean hot water.

Water Heater Maintenance prevents breakdowns

Water heaters can develop various faults related to plumbing, gas, or electrical systems that run the heater. A faulty water heater can stop functioning anytime. Since water heaters are closed units, many problems do not give any early indication.

However, if you hear strange knocking sounds from the water heater or the taste of hot water is different from what you experienced earlier, these are signs of impending problems. Calling a plumber for water heater maintenance can help to detect the issues before, and rectifying these on time will ensure that breakdowns do not happen. Prompt action does matter.

The age of the water heater is also a factor that can make the equipment perform poorly. Usually, water heaters last for 10-12 years, and problems keep surfacing as age progresses. If your water heater is old enough, no maintenance would be effective, and replacing it is the best option.

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