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Understanding Services Provided by a PDF Converter Tune-up Contributor



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Every software has its unique features and functions. As we know, PDFs are the universal extension used in exchanging, sharing, and storing a database but lack many features that are required to edit a document like a word. To produce any upgrade in the document, one has to convert the pdf into word format by using a pdf converter to word software. You can find such services on the internet.

Here below, we will discuss the services provided by the owner company of the software. Only a few agencies in the market are providing all required features in the converter software, which will satisfy the need of the customer and save their time. A user will always look for features such as high output, OCR in-built, and many more.

Lack of functions and features will produce trouble for the client, and they have to run here and there in search of another software that can solve that problem, and the whole scenario will make them frustrated.

Facilities by pdf converter the services provided to the clients are discussed below:

Conversion of multiple files

A pdf converter should be a bit reliable that it must carry a large number of files at once which are uploaded by clients and convert them into the word format efficiently. Usually, for the conversion of multiple files at once, offline translators are more often used than online software. Users do not have to think much about the conversion quality because offline paid software will provide outstanding quality in the converted documents and satisfy customer demand.

An online platform can also be used for the multiple conversion but only of files that are usually smaller in size, about 1-5 MB. For converting larger files, downloaded offline software is mostly preferred. The customers most love this service because it is very time-saving, and one does not have to convert files one by one, which they find a ridiculous procedure. One can upload the number of files to the offline software by clicking on the option visible after starting the software and converting.

They do not have to watch the entire process; users can minimize the conversion tab and do other work. While converting the files by the software, the estimated time for conversion is mentioned at the bottom of the application to visit the software after that time, and the software will do all the work. The user can collect the translated files.

Merging of files

One of the best features provided by the builders of pdf converter to word software. Users do not have to download the extra software on their computer system or do not have to visit a specific site to merge their converted files. While uploading files for the conversion to word format, you have to arrange the files according to your desire or the way you want to merge them.

And by clicking on the convert and merge option, the process will produce a single file converted in your desired format and hold the data of several files into one. This process may take a bit extra time but are very sophisticated as you do not have to look for the other merging software.


If you ever converted a file or seen a converted file produced by a pdf converter to word application, a watermark of brand or company can be seen at the center or the bottom corner of pages of the file. Mostly in the free or demo version of the software, such things are seen. If the user does not like the watermark, and want to remove it or edit it with your organization’s watermark, can be possible by purchasing the application by paying a small amount of money through an online transaction.

This feature provides you the benefit of editing the watermark and replaces the watermark with your desired thought. And the converted document will look more attractive and professional when one uses this service. Mostly this service is used by business organizations to produce the content which is associated with their name.

Allowance of restriction

This service may sound awkward but is very precious to the client because it does not allow copying the client’s file’s content by any other person. A user uses the online pdf converter to word service; a copy of your data is stored there in your login account with the webpage. If you are using an organization’s account for the online conversion of files, its associated staff can also see the data.

This service does not allow them to copy your precious data. They do not allow you to copy their data. And if you are using an open account for conversion, your data will be public at once, and you can restrict the audience to see your uploaded files by clicking on the option visible in the software settings. This service builds a privacy scenario for the user.

Association with OCR

With the introduction of OCR, optical character recognition technology, into the pdf converter to word software, converting a file is changed. This service includes the function of identifying the text through photos or images like scanned files and pictures containing text. This service is usually paid, and for using such a service, one has to buy the monthly yearly subscription by making a payment.

Encryption of files

Most remarkable service given by the pdf converter to word application. Users converted documents will be gone through an encryption process, which assures the client about the document’s safety and security, which is bought for the conversion to word format. This feature also provides power to the user to build a locking system on the generated files, which can only be opened by entering the password set at the time of encryption by the user.


You got to learn about the various services provided by pdf converter to word online and offline software, which can help the user convert pdf files into the doc, docx format for editing.


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