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Travel Checklist for a Cardiac Patient

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Travel Checklist for a Cardiac Patient

Are you a travel enthusiast? Do you love to go on vacation? What is stopping you? Your health issues do not let you travel. Are you a heart patient? Many people cannot go on vacation because of their cardiac issues. Do you think health issues should limit you from living your life?

There are so many people all over the world who refrain from traveling, mainly because they have some heart issues. If you have cardiovascular disease or had heart surgery, it does not mean that you cannot explore the world as per your choice. There are some precautions and steps that you must take while you are traveling to be on the safe side. Health experts never ask heart patients not to travel, but they ask them to do so with precautions.

Here are some verified travel tips for heart patients to have a good time without unnecessary health issues.

Get yourself checked before the trip

You need to consult a cardiologist and run a series of tests before you travel. If you experience any uneasiness or discomfort during the trip, you must let your travel companion know about it. If you are having any pain before the trip, inform a doctor about it so that they can find out the reason and you get it clear before traveling.

Take necessary vaccination before you travel

It doesn’t matter whether you are a heart patient or not; you need to take your vaccination before you travel to Thailand. Take your Covid vaccination and any other vaccination that can boost your immunity keeping you safe during travel.

Carry all the necessary medications

Do not take chances with your medication. Stock all the medicines that your doctor prescribed. If you want to extend your trip, make sure you have ample medicine for backup. If you are traveling on the flight, you must carry a prescription of all the medication to avoid any hassle during the security check.

Moreover, you should carry a medical history file so that if there is any emergency, you get immediately treated without delay.

Follow a good diet

You might get carried away while traveling, thereby ignoring your diet. However, you should follow a diet even though you are on vacation. Do not forget to eat nutritious food. Avoid overindulging in junk food. Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol as much as you can. Don’t forget to take a short walk during the vacation every day.

Staying attentive to your body is crucial for noticing signs or symptoms such as breathing problems, tiredness, or chest pain. If you see anything unusual, then you should consult a doctor on an immediate basis. Do not engage in those activities during the vacation that might pressure your heart. Avoid overexerting yourself and take rest whenever possible.

You may keep an AED machine with you to help in case of sudden cardiac arrest. Get aed kits by AED Advantage Sales to travel safely.

Heart patients who engage in long-distance travel should move their hands and legs during the trip to avoid any blood clotting.

A safe trip is a happy trip!

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