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Shortlisting Candidates for an HR Interview: Learn How to Make it Effortless in 2023

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Today’s workforce wants a quick turnaround time; job seekers often tend to turn down jobs because of lengthy hiring procedures, and even recruiters have reported losing preferred candidates due to the same. Shortlisting is a vital part of the HR hiring process, which is why the process must be faster. To avoid alienating the right talent, HR must improvise the recruitment process.

Identifying the perfect candidate is complex, but shortlisting candidates simplify the process. Following are tips on how to shortlist the suitable candidates for the interview:

 ●     Determining the essential and desirable criteria for the job

The shortlisting should depend on the job description – what qualifications and competence skills are required for the role. Keep in mind the ideal characteristics and the duties that will be expected from the new employee. These should include relevant work experience, workplace safety training, minimum education level, language fluency, understanding of software or programs, and values and goals that align with the recruiter organization.


●     Decide whom to keep or remove from the list using a simple scoring system

A candidate scorecard must be prepared upon setting up the shortlist criteria. This scorecard helps compare candidates’ scores. This also helps avoid bias by not comparing one candidate with another individual candidate. Assign a numerical value to each criterion based on how essential they are to the job role. Proceed to review each applicant, and score him or her. The candidate with the highest scores will make it to the shortlist.

●     Keep the HR list brief

The shortlist, as the name goes, must be kept short. Consider factors like the company’s hiring history and how much time will be needed to hire who will be involved in the recruitment process; if the timeline is a bit tight, it’s wise to keep the list brief. Also, the length of the shortlist can be based on the applicant’s scorecards.


●     Review CVs, and convert letters and applications as soon as possible

Reviewing applications as soon as they are submitted prevents them from pulling up at the end of the deadline. When a considerable number of submissions pile up, it is irritating to go through each of them together and judge them; it is bound to cause some lapses in judgment.

●     Consider online screenings through phone and video

Phone and video screenings have become relatively common nowadays. An online interview is the norm of today’s recruitment process. If several candidates are trying for fewer vacancies than those available, consider doing a short online screening. This will be an easy way to narrow down the list. Speaking to them over voice or video call will also help determine the candidate’s cultural fit.

●     Keep an eye out for inconsistencies

Use reference checks. Instead of questioning their hard work or genuineness, doing a little research and crosschecking is wiser. Verify for facts if the applicant refers to a previous job or project. Double-checking is very helpful in the long run. Candidates who have completed reference checks can be shortlisted.

After finalizing the shortlisted candidates, inform them of the good news, further proceedings, and instructions about the next step. Also, do send out non-acceptance emails to those who still need to make it to the shortlist. Getting ghosted by organizations can be very frustrating when a person is looking for a job.

Send a non-acceptance email as soon as the shortlist has been created. This also prevents frustrated applicants from leaving poor reviews about the company. If you wish to avoid all the hassles of recruitment, you can always rely on professionals at They will look after the shortlisting of candidates.




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