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Five Questions You Need to Ask at a Vaping Shop



Top 6 Factors to Consider When Buying E-Liquids for vaping

If you are on the search for vape products and goodies in New Zealand you can always check out your local vape shop. Most sell top brands like Uwell and others, but not all. With someone in person there it is a lot easier to ask any questions you might have. Five of the kinds of questions you could ask at a vaping shop are below.

Should you buy a vape or build it?

For people who are more experienced with vaping it is possible you might be wondering whether it is best to buy or build your own. That really depends on the type of customization you are looking for, your knowledge and skill and what kind of experience you want to enjoy. If you are pretty new to vaping it might be best to stick with buying something until you learn more about your needs but an expert at the local vape shop can better help you assess the options. If building a vape is the next step that can help with that too.

Is there a difference between a vape and an e-cigarette?

They do seem similar but there are differences. A lot of people who do not know that or who are new to vaping might use vaping and e-Cigarettes interchangeably, but there are pros and cons of each option and with the help of your local shop you can find which best meets your needs.

What types of vaping products are sold?

Not every vape store sells the same things, though there are leading brands like Smok that you might expect to be carried. Some shops carry specialty items and those items might vary and some might sell vape liquids rather than dry herb vapes. Different owners will stock depending on what their preferences are and on what they think their customers are looking for.

How do you use a vaporizer?

While you can get guides online and tips that might prove useful, there is nothing better than having somewhere there to show you how to do it, to offer advice on certain situations and to answer specific questions you might have. Not properly learning how to use a device is dangerous and even simple misuse could damage it, costing you money too.

Do all your vape juices contain Nicotine?

Not everybody actually vapes only with nicotine in the vape juice, and there are different levels of it in those ones that have it. Different shops will have different options to look at as well so you can really look forward to different experiences. If you want to use vaping as a way to quit smoking you can talk to the shop guide to learn about how that would work. There are a lot of different flavours with e-liquids as well and different shops might stock different options.

For a reputable and expert vape shop in New Zealand, selling all kinds of top brands such as Vaporesso, Smok and Uwell and much more, check out Shosha.


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