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Kasamba Versus Psychic Source: Which Site Reigns Supreme?



Kasamba Versus Psychic

From Coke versus Pepsi to Instagram versus TikTok, great rivalries produce drama, competition, excitement, and some pretty remarkable products.A great rivalry that’s been going on in the world of psychic readings for a long time is Kasamba versus Psychic Source.

These two are among the oldest online psychic sites and have been in fierce competition almost since their inception.If you’re wondering which of these sites is the best, keep reading to find out.>> Click here to get a free psychic reading with our winner <<

Kasamba Versus Psychic Source – Winner In Each Category

Kasamba Versus Psychic

Website Features

Kasamba –Wide Variety of Readings

Kasamba Versus Psychic

When you arrive at the Kasamba site, everything you need to know is right there at the top of their home page with straightforward, easy-to-use tabs.“How it Works” gives you an overview of what to do to get started, including an explanation of services, how to sign up, and the various pricing plans and payment options.

Under that, the main menu lists all the different readings available and how to locate an Advisor based on the tool you’d like them to use and how you’d like to speak with them.If you’re new to the online psychic experience, Kasamba’s articles section can help to prepare for your reading with a wealth of information on everything psychic and spiritual, including an “All About Psychics” section that tells you how to choose the right psychic.>> Click here to get a free psychic reading <<

Psychic Source – Plenty of Options

Kasamba Versus Psychic

Psychic Source, one of the most informative sites of any online psychic service, is not only a place to get a reading but a spiritual education as well. If you’re new to the world of online readings and unsure how to proceed, there’s an interactive search filter called “Find a Psychic” that’s a quick and easy way to match you with a reader based on a few simple questions.

For those a bit more knowledgeable, there’s a manual search filter where you can connect with a psychic based on their specialties, tools, etc.,Like a thrift store that wins you over the more you look around, the Psychic Source website has everything you need and then some, including a wealth of informative articles on everything from psychic topics to psychology and nutrition.

Winner: While Kasamba provides the quicker fix, Psychic Source is the winner with more rewards for your effort.

Types of Readings

Kasamba – Lots of Interesting and Unique Psychic Readings

Kasamba Versus Psychic

Providing consultations via telephone, online chat, or e-mail, the psychic advisors at Kasamba offer various reading methods to help you find the psychic answers you need.

Providing Western, Chinese, and Vedic Astrology readings, Rune and Tarot readings, Eastern Philosophy, and Kabbalah readings, Kasamba has just about every world culture represented on their site. Not to mention, the site has some unique types of readings, such as Graphology (handwriting analysis), Remote Viewing, and Picture readings.

Add to that their classic Clairvoyant and Medium readings, and what you have at Kasamba is a plentiful and interesting menu of psychic fare.>> Click here to get a free psychic reading <<

Psychic Source Best Video ReadingsKasamba Versus Psychic

Since they’re the oldest online psychic site, it should be no surprise that Psychic Source would offer a broad range of readings.Like Kasamba, they are both eclectic and unique in terms of the choices they provide, putting them well beyond the parody usually found on other sites.

Where Psychic Source really stands out, though, is in the ways you can communicate with your psychic.Aside from the standard phone, online chat, and email readings provided by most sites, Psychic Source takes it a step further by being one of the few sites to offer video readings with some of their advisors.

This is important when it comes to quality, seeing that many psychics feel the video format best simulates the classic model of an in-person psychic reading.

Winner: Although Kasamba has the edge when it comes to the variety of reading methods offered, Psychic Source wins it for providing the option of a video reading.

Trust worthiness

Kasamba Customer-Friendly Satisfaction Guarantee

The main thing most people worry about when it comes to a psychic reading is if the person they’re talking with is a real psychic.

Kasamba states that all their advisors meet strict quality guidelines and have received millions of positive reviews over the years.Kasamba also offers a satisfaction guarantee that will reward you up to $50, although it can only apply to your last reading and must be requested within 7 days.

Their FAQ section is helpful. However, the customer service department at Kasamba can only be contacted by email.>> Click here to get a free psychic reading <<

Psychic Source – 24/7 Toll-Free Customer Service

Like Kasamba, Psychic Source claims that all its advisors are rigorously screened.

They also have a satisfaction guarantee, but it only covers up to 20 minutes in the form of a site credit to be used toward another advisor.In addition, any request for a refund can only be for your last reading and must be made within 24 hours.

There is also an advisor code of ethics to protect you from any predatory or manipulative behavior by a Psychic Source advisor and a 24/7 toll-free customer service line.

Winner: Although Psychic Source’s 24/7 customer service line is excellent, the edge goes to Kasamba’s better satisfaction guarantee.

Prices and Deals

Kasamba – 3 Free Minutes + 50% OFF

Kasamba Versus Psychic

With prices ranging from $3.99 to $30 a minute, the reading fees at Kasamba fit a broad array of budgets.They also have a few discount deals that revolve around the mystical number 3. The first is a guaranteed 3 free minutes with your first paid voice or chat session, and the other is an unlimited 3 free chat minutes with each new advisor you try.

That second offer is beneficial in that it allows you to test out different psychics until you find the one that’s right for you. Just remember to keep one eye on the clock because, after 3 minutes, it will cost you.That’s not all. New Kasamba customers are eligible for a 50% discount on their first psychic reading.

Psychic Source 3 Free Minutes With First Paid Reading

Kasamba Versus Psychic

The prices at Psychic Source begin at $4.99 a minute and can go as high as $15.99 a minute and sometimes more. Unlike Kasamba, where you can pay as you go with a credit card, Psychic Source requires you to register an account and deposit at least $15 before you can have a reading.

They also have a discount for first-time customers consisting of a 30-minute package for $30 ($1/minute) that can be spread out over as many readers as you choose. And like Kasamba, you will get 3 free minutes with your first paid reading.

Winner: Kasamba takes the win. They require less money upfront and allow you to try out new advisors for free for up to 3 minutes.

Not to mention, you get up to 50% OFF on your first session.

Unique Features

Kasamba – Wide Selection of Unique Spiritual Readings

Although Psychic Source won the “types of readings” category earlier, it was entirely because they have a video option, not because they offered a wider variety of readings.

The readers at Kasamba probably offer the largest selection of unusual spiritual tools on the internet, with things like palm readings, remote viewing, and Kabbalah readings, to name a few.

Plus their 3 free chat minutes deal with each new advisor is a great way to shop for a psychic without having to mortgage the farm.

Psychic Source – Educative Articles and Media Section

The one thing distinguishing Psychic Source from other sites is its vast and informative “Articles and Media” section covering a multitude of subjects ranging from Occult and New Age philosophy to Psychology and Nutrition- and it’s free!

Winner: If you’re looking for a truly esoteric type of reading, then Kasamba wins. For free information, you can go to the library or Google it.

Kasamba Versus Psychic Source – Which Site Wins?

The interesting thing about rivalries is that the longer they go on, the harder it is to determine a final winner or loser. It becomes a matter of taste, like deciding between chocolate or vanilla ice cream.

So, what are you looking for: a better psychic reading, a better price, or both?

Let’s look at readings. The advisors at both Kasamba and Psychic Source have great reputations built upon years of terrific customer reviews.

Their differences are that Psychic Source offers an authentic feeling video option (with select readers), while Kasamba’s advisors provide many unique reading methods.

As far as pricing goes, they both offer free minutes, though, at Psychic Source, it will cost you upfront, while Kasamba floats 3 of those minutes and 50% OFF to test new readers. At the same time, Kasamba’s top-end prices are slightly higher.

While Kasamba was the overall winner in this competition, either way, it comes down to preferences.

So, what’s your take?

>> You can click here to get a free psychic reading with our winner <<


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T.C. Eisele is a professional Astrologer who has written on Psychic and Mystical topics for over 20 years. In addition to his articles for Paradise Media, he has also authored books on Eastern and Western Mysticism. When he’s not working, Tom and his wife are practicing oenophiles living in New York City with their Shih tzu familiar, Tinkerbell.

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