Joseph Plazo To New Forex Traders With $2000 Capital: The Top Trading Strategy To Hit $10,000 In Three Months
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Joseph Plazo to New Forex Traders with $2000 Capital: The Top Trading Strategy to Hit $10,000 in Three Months



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Being a new player in the world of Forex trading, with capital less than $5000, can be daunting. One strategy levels the playing field – The Order Block Strategy. This approach is a powerful technique that has been leveraged by the biggest financial institutions for years, and now, it’s time for individual retail traders like you to make the most of it.

“When you trade bounces from order blocks, you trade in the same direction as the big players,” Joseph Plazo, CEO of Plazo Sullivan Roche Capital, a non-profit machine learning research entity. “Order blocks lowers risk precisely because stop losses are placed right behind the blocks themselves, and grants risk to reward ratios of more than 1:4”

Often overlooked, order blocks can serve as an important key to understanding market dynamics and minimizing draw-down. They represent the buildup of large orders, usually placed by banks and financial institutions that primarily drive the forex market.

The Big Forex Trading Secret Unveiled: What Are Order Blocks?

Order blocks are essentially the accumulation of buying and selling orders from banks, formed when there is a significant order. Their importance lies in the fact that they represent what these major institutions are doing and can give you insight into the future direction of the market.

For instance, imagine if Citigroup wanted to place a hefty order of 200 million on EUR/USD but found that only 50 million are being sold. If the order was placed as is, the limited availability would inflate the price and lower profitability. To avoid this, the order is broken down into smaller, more manageable blocks using the order block strategy. This method prevents sudden jumps in prices while maximizing profits.

Harnessing the Power of Order Blocks

Understanding how to utilize order blocks effectively can drastically increase your trading potential. Using them alongside your key trading strategy can highlight high-probability trade entries and drive additional profits. By identifying areas of institutional supply and demand, you can determine optimum entry points and better predict price movements.

The devil is in the details, and in trading, order blocks are your secret weapon. They exist in two forms: bullish and bearish. A bullish order block forms just before an upward price movement, offering support to the price. Conversely, a bearish order block forms ahead of a downward price movement, providing resistance.

Drawing Your Battle Lines: How to Draw an Order Block

Visualizing these blocks on a chart is crucial for identifying potential trade setups. You can draw a bearish order block by marking the high of a rally and the recent swing low, enclosing it in a rectangle. Extend this rectangle to the right into an unoccupied chart area, where the price may potentially react in the future. The same applies to a bullish order block, except you would mark the low of a downtrend and the recent swing high.

Executing trades with the strategy is simplicity itself. To execute long entries, wait for price to drop and retest a bullish order block. On a successful bounce, the trader enters a market order to the upside. The converse applies to short entries.

“Order blocks have proven to be greater determinants of future price direction than other forms of trading such as the use of harmonic patters or Vix analysis,” shares Joseph Plazo. This had led to an almost flawless trading record for a fully autonomous order block trading algorithm developed in-house by Plazo’s group.

Vibrant Telegram Community

Plazo Sullivan Roche Capital created more than 54 fully automated trading systems based on cTrader, Tradingview and a proprietary OS. To pay its success forward, the group launched a free public market analysis Telegram group in 2020. To date, the group had grown to over 150,000 subscribers. No membership or tools have ever been sold to the public.

Final Thoughts with Joseph Plazo

Trading might seem like an uphill battle for beginners, but with the right tools and strategies, it doesn’t have to be. Adopting the Order Block Strategy can be a transformative step in the trading journey, offering the advantage of playing with the big players and empowering you to maximize profits.

It’s time to turn the trading game around, one block at a time.


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