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Is TeraBox from a Chinese Company? The Truth You Need to Know!

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Have you ever found yourself browsing the vast expanses of the internet and coming across the mysterious moniker “TeraBox”? Perhaps you’re thinking about investing in their products or employing their services.

However, there’s one big question: Is TeraBox a Chinese company? And what is TeraBox’s origin country?

Well, the answer to your query is that it’s not a Chinese company. So, you might be wondering about the exact location it is present in or which country TeraBox is from.

One thing you all know is that TeraBox is a cloud storage app that offers 1TB of space for your PC as well as your phone.

Another question that grabs your attention is: what is the history of TeraBox? TeraBox entered the scene in May 2020, formerly known as Dubox.

But things don’t end here. There is a whole story on is TeraBox Chinese app. Want to hear the successful tale of TeraBox? Buckle up your seat belts and read the article till the end.


TeraBox Ownership: Who’s at the Helm? The Chinese?

Every prosperous business has a tale of ownership and management, and TeraBox is no different. You all are curious about who owns TeraBox cloud storage.

TeraBox is proudly owned by Flextech Inc., a respectable Japanese company, as of 2024. TeraBox rebranded itself under the new management, highlighting its exclusive 1TB free cloud storage offering.

TeraBox is now owned by a Japanese tech company. It controls all management since Chinese capital gradually withdrew from Flextech after 2024 brand upgrade.

Should You Use TeraBox? Reasons To Explore!

Why not? If you applied it, that would assist. Over 100 million individuals use and trust this well-known cloud storage system to store their data daily.

Then feel free to use it, too, buddy; nothing bad will happen. Download links for scams or dangerous apps are removed from stores like Google Play and App Store.

To ensure that no application risks users, they examine each one and subject it to strict security measures.

After completing all security checks, the programs will be accessible for download. Because TeraBox is accessible through both app stores, it is safe to use.

As a result, you can use it confidently and securely!

Here are some ideas on how to keep your data safe when you use TeraBox.


4 Tips To Consider Using TeraBox Securely

Although TeraBox is an entirely safe program to use, if you’d rather always be on the safe side, you can take the following precautions:

Use Two-factor Authentication

It is advisable to use two-factor authentication even when cloud storage security is guaranteed. This security measure makes your account even more secure by removing the chance of hackers accessing your information.

Before uploading, Encrypt the Files

Although TeraBox has certain encryption features, we advise using a third-party encryption program. It helps to secure your data before transferring it to TeraBox. Still, it’s an optional step.

Use Strong Passwords

Hackers will find it easier to crack the password of your TeraBox account and gain access to it the simpler it is. Make sure your password is difficult enough for hackers to decipher. Additionally, it permits automatic account logouts after prolonged inactivity.

Consider Carefully What You Share

Once you’ve implemented the previously described security procedures, TeraBox keeps your data safe. It is now your duty, though, to share it only with those you know and can trust. Don’t provide it to anyone you believe could misuse your information. Also, stay away from using open connections.

Advantages of TeraBox

TeraBox shows itself to be an appropriate choice. However, how does it compare to its rivals? Let’s examine TeraBox’s benefits over other cloud storage solutions.

Security Measures

  • Advantage: TeraBox guarantees the confidentiality and privacy of user data by implementing strict encryption standards and proactive security measures.
  • Comparison: In contrast to several rivals attacked by security failures, TeraBox prioritizes data security. It gives customers peace of mind about the security of their digital assets.

User-Friendly Interface:

  • Advantage: Users of various skill levels may easily manage files and use TeraBox. Thanks to its user-friendly interface.
  • Comparison: As compared to the clunky interfaces of some of its rivals, TeraBox has a sophisticated design. It enhances customer service and promotes constructive engagement.

Flexible Pricing Plans:

  • Advantage: From free tiers to premium memberships with more features, TeraBox offers a variety of price options. It helps to accommodate a range of user needs and budgets.
  • Comparison: Contrary to some competitors’ inflexible price plans, TeraBox allows customers to tailor their subscriptions to their needs. It makes it more accessible and reasonably priced.

Key Features of TeraBox

Except for 1024 GB of free cloud storage, TeraBox offers a number of features that can enhance your user experience. Among them are:

Built-in Video Player:

Some features, such as an integrated video player, support the majority of the most widely used video encoding types. It helps to make their job as videographers easier. Now, your videos are constantly accessible!

Massive File Transfer:

TeraBox facilitates the uninterrupted and speedy transfer of huge files from a phone to a PC. Outdated flash drives can be permanently forgotten in favor of the practical and contemporary cloud. Move files right away!

You can drag the files you need to upload using a PC or the “+” upload button on the homepage to transfer huge files to your computer or phone. Premium users can upload files up to 20GB!

Add Images to Entire Folders:

Photographers will particularly appreciate this service because it allows you to upload entire folders of photos instantly. Since it uses no memory and is totally free, you can stop choosing which pictures to delete and instead keep all of the great ones.

To upload a file, simply navigate to the app’s picture option, hit the Upload File icon, and choose the folder that holds your device’s photos. The same applies to papers, music files, and videos for your amusement.

TeraBox features a Recycle Bin, so you don’t have to worry if you inadvertently erase any images, videos, or other items.

How Do You Get Free Cloud Storage on TeraBox?

Getting free cloud storage is really simple. To receive 1 TB of free cloud storage, all you have to do is establish an account. This applies to all users worldwide. The storage can be used however you’d like. It has a ton of great features and is totally free.


Step 1:

On your smartphone, you must download the application. You can get the application from the appropriate store or get it from the official website. Set up the app on your mobile device.

Step 2:

Launch the software. Some options regarding to Create an Account will pop up on the first screen. Click it to sign up for an account. You have several options when creating an account with TeraBox. You can use your Apple account, Facebook account, phone number, or email to do this.

Step 3:

Following the setup of an account, you will have access to free space. For the users, this area is more than sufficient. By pressing the upload option, you can now upload the files.

Final Remarks

Regarding TeraBox’s ownership, there are a lot of rumors because the company has changed its name and identity since it was founded.

Many are making guesses as to whether “TeraBox is a Chinese company.” After an extended conversation, we came to the following conclusion: “Completely no.”

The fact that TeraBox is owned by a Japanese business has been precisely hit upon. To set the record right, Flextech Inc. owns TeraBox.

We hope that this information erases the confusion that was flying in your mind. So what are you waiting for? Start using this trustworthy program as your storage option now!


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