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How To Host A Corporate Event



corporate event

If you haven’t hosted a corporate event before you will need to make sure you are really organised and everyone on the team knows what they are doing. Hosting events can be great for marketing and gaining new customers and clients. People will remember your company if they do this well and here are some tips and things to remember when running the event…

Branding and marketing are crucial

The marketing behind your event will be very important, this is a huge opportunity to advertise your company and get more people on board, be it, clients or customers. Corporate events can sometimes be boring to attend so the more exciting and memorable you make it, the better. Use decoration to make your branding stand out and invest in giant inflatables with your logo. You could also use banners and arches, the giant inflatable you select will depend on your company.

Team communication and planning

Without good team communication and planning, there will be no event, you will need to make sure everyone has set tasks. Weekly check-ins about the event will help to keep everyone up to speed and see if there are any gaps in the organisation. Having a set-out plan that has tick boxes will help you in the lead up to the event, everyone should have access to this. If you use cloud storage or Dropbox you can share a conference event folder with everyone and make sure the whole team saves things here. If you don’t have an event manager, you should assign one employee who is particularly organised to be head of putting the event together.

The lead-up excitement

Sending out messaging regularly before the event is the best way to get people excited. Make use of social media and email marketing, let your customers and clients know about anything they can get involved in at the event. Sending out a countdown will also make sure people remember the event and hiring a photographer will also get people excited. Involving freebies can give clients and customers even more of an incentive to come. Make sure you have everything ordered weeks before the event, especially if you advertise the fact you will be giving out freebies, you can’t let your customers and clients down.

Picking a suitable date

It’s crucial to pick a date that works for everyone as you want as many people to attend as possible. Make sure you don’t pick days around Christmas for example when everyone is likely to be busy. The date will be the decider to how many people will attend and you will want everyone you invite to come ideally. Sending out the invites early is the best way to get more people involved, you will need to do this at least a few months in advance. Also, make it easy for people to respond online or by filling out a form via email, sending back letters can take more time and be less convenient.

Post-event evaluation and messages

After an event you will need to send out post-event messages and evaluations, this is important as you will need to give your guests a summary of the event. Following up is a great time and opportunity to gain new customers and followers on your social media platforms. You can send out email marketing and your click-through rate will always be high after a corporate event, especially if people had a great time.

Good luck with your corporate event, if you are organised everything will run smoothly. Hosting an event can be fun if you have everything planned out and everyone attends.


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