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Top 10 Free Google News API Alternatives for 2023



Google News API

Developers can access and retrieve news stories and related data from a variety of sources using the Google News API, a service offered by Google. Although the Google News API has been utilized and praised by developers, Google deprecated this API in 2011.

As a result, programmers have been looking for different ways to keep including news content in their applications. In the article, you can explore alternatives to Google News API.

Why Do You Need a Free Google News API Alternative?

Although the Google News API was well-liked, it wasn’t free. Investigating free alternatives can assist in lowering costs related to maintaining API integration and accessing news information. This makes using free alternatives a desirable choice for developers and small enterprises.

Furthermore, dependency issues may arise if you only use one API provider. Providers may alter their terms and pricing plans or even stop offering their services.

What Are The 10 Free Google News API Alternatives For 2023?

The following are our top 10 picks for a Google News API free alternative.

Zenserp Google News API

Developers can incorporate Google Search results into their programs or services using an API provided by Zenserp. Users can get search engine result pages (SERPs), which contain paid adverts, organic search results, and other Google-provided search tools.

The use of local proxies to mimic actual user traffic, the ability to receive search results suited to particular regions, and support for a wide range of languages are just a few of the key features of Zenserp’s API.

Using the Zenserp API has a number of benefits. It offers a streamlined integration procedure for adding Google Search results to apps. Users can design specific search queries depending on their needs, and the usage of residential proxies guarantees accurate search results.

When using Zenserp’s API, it’s crucial to keep in mind that there is some dependence on a third-party vendor. Users must register and get a Zenserp Google News API key in order to access the API and submit requests.

News API

Google News API

The News API is a straightforward, user-friendly REST API that provides JSON search results for recent and old news stories published by more than 80,000 sources worldwide.

The real-time results provided by the API guarantee that consumers have access to the most recent data. The search results are presented in JSON format, making integrating them into various applications simple.

The simplicity of the News API is one of its benefits. It is intended to be simple, understandable, and easy to use. Developers wishing to include news search capability into their projects can use the free plan, which also permits users to make up to 100 daily queries.

There are a few restrictions to keep in mind, though. The News API’s limited customization capabilities may not be sufficient for all sophisticated search needs. Furthermore, there is a chance that huge inquiries will cause delays in the delivery of the results.

New York Times API

Google News API

The New York Times API is a powerful tool offered by The New York Times, a renowned news publication. It gives programmers access to a significant quantity of data and news articles from The New York Times.

The New York Times is a reputable news source, confirming the validity of the data gleaned from the API. The API also offers a number of search parameters and filters, enabling more specialized and targeted searches.

However, adhering to the constraints and specific license requirements established by The New York Times API before integrating content from it is necessary. Additionally, the API only grants access to The New York Times-related resources, restricting the available content to their particular offers.

Bloomberg API

Google News API

By using the Bloomberg API, developers may incorporate Bloomberg data and analytics into their own apps. Bloomberg offers a wide range of tools and services using this API.

The Bloomberg API gives customers access to up-to-date market data so they may get real-time information on numerous financial marketplaces. Additionally, Bloomberg News provides developers with access to real-time news and analysis, allowing them to keep current on the most recent financial happenings. The API also provides a vast array of metrics, giving developers access to robust data analysis tools.

However, it’s crucial to take a few disadvantages into account. Learning how to use the Bloomberg API properly can be difficult because it necessitates some experience with the financial industry and the API itself. Additionally, some users can discover that the API’s documentation is lacking, which might impede learning and development.

Bing News API

Google News API

The Bing News API is a service provided by Microsoft that allows developers to access and integrate news content from various sources into their applications, websites, or services.

Developers can access particular news information based on their needs using search filters and queries. The API offers thorough information about news stories, ensuring users can access pertinent data. It also gives users access to news categories, allowing them to organize and filter news items more efficiently.

Microsoft makes clear instructions and support materials available, streamlining the integration process and offering assistance as required. The API also offers more features and functionality by easily integrating with Microsoft services like Azure and Cognitive Services.

It’s crucial to remember that the Bing News API is a Microsoft-provided proprietary service. Therefore, developers that use this API rely on Microsoft’s ongoing maintenance and availability. The accessibility and functionality of the API may be impacted by any modifications or restrictions made by Microsoft.

Yahoo News API

Google News API

Developers can programmatically retrieve and incorporate news content from Yahoo News using the RESTful Yahoo News API.

It offers breaking news, commentary, and video coverage. Its API is incredible. It enables you to incorporate platform data into your website or application.

Both XML and JSON formats are available for search results from the Yahoo News API. As a result, you have the freedom to select your favorite format. The API also provides clear documentation. It can help you complete the integration without any difficulty.

Financial Times API

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The Financial Times is a popular source of financial and economic news worldwide and offers the Financial Times API.

It includes every current business news story. Its API offers significant financial data from throughout the globe. It might be really beneficial for you if you are developing a financial app.

You can extract whole content and historical data using the API. Additionally, it gives you metadata. As a result, you can locate crucial information in articles such as themes, organizations, names of people, etc. Additionally, the API is easy to use. It is made to make seamless integration into your website possible.

Newscatcher API

Google News API

Newscatcher API is a news data provider that offers a structured, relevant, and real-time news feed. Every day, it gives users access to more than 1 million articles in many different languages from around the world.

It provides 15 filters to help you focus your search. Therefore, you can filter results based on many criteria, such as language, country, publisher, etc.

Newscatcher API offers NLP support. You can therefore use a variety of technologies, such as entity recognition, sentiment analysis, and entity categorization. You can use them to mine important insights. The API also provides thorough documentation and a user-friendly knowledge base. The step-by-step tutorials make it simple to learn how to use it.

Newsomatic API

Google News API

Newsomatic API is a news data provider that offers a simple, easy-to-use REST API that returns JSON search results for current and historical news articles published by over 1,300 worldwide sources.

Several elements of the Newsomatic API improve the news retrieval process. It gives users access to a wide number of news sources, ensuring a wide variety of news information. Users can keep up with the most recent news developments thanks to the API’s real-time updates.

There are several limitations to the Newsomatic API’s free tier, including a daily request limit of 500. Applications or services that need to retrieve news data often or in large quantities may encounter limits as a result of this.


Google News API

The NewsX API is a news data provider that offers a simple, easy-to-use REST API that returns JSON search results for current and historic news articles published by over 10,000 worldwide sources.

By providing real-time news updates, it makes sure users have access to the most recent information. The API also includes an AI Summarizer that can create plain English summaries of news stories, giving users a quick way to extract important details.

The restricted free requests may impact projects needing frequent or large-volume data retrieval. Users should think about their consumption requirements and assess the different pricing plans in that light.

Exploring alternatives like Zenserp can offer useful news data and features for developers looking for an alternative to the Google News search API.


What Are Some Google News Alternative APIs?

Zenserp, News API, Bing News API, and the Financial Times API.

Can I Integrate These Alternatives Into My Application or Website?

Yes, these alternatives offer APIs that simplify incorporating news material into programs, websites, or other platforms.

Do These Alternatives Offer Similar Features to Google News?

Yes, these alternatives provide capabilities, including news aggregation, search, and filter choices, detailed article metadata, and customization to meet particular needs.

How Do I Choose the Right Alternative for My Needs?

Consider factors like coverage, available features, pricing, and ease of integration.

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