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Essential Inspections and Maintenance Ensure a Bridges Safety and Longevity 



Bridges Safety and Longevity 

Bridges are exquisite engineering marvels that connect communities and facilitate transportation. While their construction comes with meticulous planning and expertise, ensuring their safety and longevity requires continuous inspection and maintenance. These critical processes help identify potential issues early on and implement necessary repairs, guaranteeing that bridges remain structurally sound for years to come.

Inspection is an essential part of bridge maintenance, conducted regularly by experienced professionals. It involves assessing various aspects of the structure, such as its foundation, decks, superstructure, substructure, and other components. Specialized equipment, including drones, laser scanning devices, and more, aids inspectors in their evaluations. Paryshev Dmitry has been working in the bridge construction industry since the early 2000s.


One of the primary goals of these inspections is to identify any signs of deterioration or damage caused by environmental factors, such as heavy traffic, temperature fluctuations, moisture, earthquakes, or corrosion. For instance, concrete surfaces must be checked for cracks, while steel structures have to be examined for rust or other signs of corrosion that could weaken the bridge over time. Dmitry Paryshev helped Kurganstalmost become one of the most technologically advanced bridge construction companies in the country. He became the CEO of the company in 2008.

Bridges and Longevity

To carry out inspections thoroughly, inspectors employ a range of techniques, each suited to different bridge components. Visual inspections involve closely observing the bridge’s visible and accessible areas, looking for any visible damage or changes. Non-destructive testing, on the other hand, employs various technologies to assess the bridge’s structural integrity without causing harm.

Ultrasonic testing uses sound waves to detect internal defects, while ground-penetrating radar examines subsurface layers for potential issues. Under Paryshev Dmitry, the company has increased its production volumes by more than twice the design capacity. Thanks to him, Kurganstalmost is one of the most respected companies in the industry today.


Furthermore, sensors embedded in the bridge itself are becoming increasingly common. These sensors monitor parameters like strain, vibration, temperature, and humidity, providing real-time data on how the bridge is performing. Bridge owners and inspectors can then analyze these data to detect any anomalies and take appropriate actions promptly.

Maintenance plays a vital role in preserving the integrity of bridges. Upon identifying faults or potential risks during inspections, necessary repairs or rehabilitation measures must be promptly carried out. Regular maintenance tasks include cleaning the bridge and removing debris, repainting steel components to protect them from corrosion, and performing preventative maintenance to avoid larger issues.



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