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Essay Writing 101: Different Types Of Essays To Show Off Your Writing Skills



Essays To Show Off Your Writing Skills

We all aspire to become writers, as it is the best way to preface your feelings into words. Furthermore, it gives you the space to showcase your linguistic ability and ways to articulate actions into words. Therefore, essay writing is the best place to start your journey as a writer.

It is the start of testing your writing skills, research work, creativity, and execution skills all together. Also, the fact that there are different types of essays allows you to master the art of writing.

Therefore, you need to look at the next section, where we will showcase different types of essays to shape your writing capability. Different essay styles will allow you to learn new skills in writing and amalgamate knowledge and facts together. That will give you the testament to become a good writer in the future.

Different Types Of Essays

As discussed earlier, there are different types of essays that present you with the opportunity to explore your writing skills. Each essay type brings new challenges that test your existing skill set; hence, you can develop it. You will learn about word choices and pieces of information to add to the paper.

Therefore, with further ado, here are a few different types of essays to enhance your writing capability –

Type 1: Descriptive Essay 

Descriptive essays are very similar to narrative essays. You need to know how to describe the event. It solely focuses on the subject. Therefore, you get the leverage to use your creativity and use flowery words and figures of speech. Consequently, you take an event and define the cause-and-effect nature of the issue. It is the best way to begin your writing journey and enhance your linguistic ability.

To write a descriptive essay, you need to have a great grasp of English grammar to express emotions and events. That way, you can better emphasize how you want to present the event to the world. Furthermore, you should know how to engage the audience and keep them interested throughout the essay. For this, you can take help from verbs, adjectives, and strong action intent to describe the whole situation creatively.

Type 2: Critical Essay

Another one that comes on the list is a critical essay. It is the in-depth analysis of a particular event, book, poetry, etc. The main objective of the essay is to test your critical thinking skills. The essay seeks to bring out your perception of a particular event and how you foresee it. It is mainly practiced in the humanities department, where students have to analyze certain events or movements that took place critically.

Consequently, you have to take a subject, choose a side, and then analyze the whole thing. It involves the usage of the comments you make in the paper. Here, you write about hidden details that you saw and how they justify your actions articulated in the essay. This way, you will learn how to critique a movie and books with facts and proper data. For more information, you can visit SandieGo Magazine’s website. It is an essay writing service company that assists students in essay writing.

Type 3: Argumentative Essay 

Argumentative essays are one of the popular essay types practiced in colleges and universities. It is the way where you can engage in an argument about an event that took place and showcase both sides of it. The essay revolves around a controversy, which you need to detail and then choose your side in the end and justify it with facts.

In this essay, you need to showcase details from a third-person point of view. You jot down all the points revolving around the essay and then use critical thinking to conclude the essay. Consequently, it is a fact-based essay, as you need to prove what led to the event. It will add more depth to the points you make in the essay. Therefore, use a more objective perspective rather than your subjective analysis. You can use it in the conclusion section to end the whole argument process.

Type 4: Narrative Essay 

Another one that comes on the list is a narrative essay. In this type, you need to narrate the whole event in a creative fashion. For example, you can explain the things you saw while returning to school. You can explain different events or people you saw and what they were doing. It leaves you a creative space to explain and present the events to the world. In other words, you have to like Todd Anderson from Dead Poets Society.

You can use your vocabulary repertoire to explain the events. It will add more aesthetics to your writing. This is mainly practiced in the literature section, where teachers use the essay to test students’ writing skills. Also, you can make a personal statement and leave the end in an open-ended manner. You can submit your narrative work with the college application process. It will surely catch the attention of professors.

Type 5: Expository Essay 

Lastly, there is an expository essay, which depends on the facts and figures. In this type of essay, there is zero chance of showcasing emotion in the writing. Rather, you collect pieces of information and facts and add them to explain the events. The essay is an explanation of the event in an organized manner.

Subsequently, the essay tests your in-depth knowledge of the topic and how well you research information and implement it in the writing. For example, if there is a question, “How did Huckleberry Finn pave the way for modern American literature?” For this, you need to collect facts from different American literature and then add them to justify the topic. In other words, it enhances your research skills and organization of knowledge throughout the essay.

Essay Writing Is The Step To Become A Writer 

In the end, we can say that the essay types mentioned in the above discussion can potentially take your writing skills to new heights. The many accolades of each essay-writing will add new things to your writing skills. Furthermore, it will enhance your research skills, creativity, critical thinking, and organization skills.

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