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Drones Being Employed to Catch Criminals in the Act



Drones Being Employed to Catch Criminals in the Act

People who think they can down a half dozen drinks and imbibe illegal substances like cocaine prior to getting behind the wheel of their car just because they didn’t see any police traps on the way to the bar had better think twice. In 2024 and beyond, it won’t be just human cops who will be catching criminals but instead unmanned drones that are patrolling the mean streets from above.

However, no matter what form of law enforcement officer or machine arrests a would-be offender for a DUI, it’s important to contact the most qualified DUI lawyer available. Says the Law Office of Aaron M. Black, arguably the best DUI lawyer Phoenix, AZ has to offer, a person arrested for a DUI needs a reputable lawyer who will represent him in a court of law without his physical presence. This allows the defendant to show up at his job and continue to make a living. It also will lessen the defendant’s anxiety knowing the best attorney possible is representing the case.

While it’s becoming more and more common for unmanned drones to spot DUI criminals in the act, they are also said to be catching a variety of lawbreakers. According to a report by the Kitsap Daily News, police are becoming inventive in their fight against rising crime, which includes road violations like DUI. They are using unmanned drones to locate the criminal element on concealed rooftops, in the woods, in their cars, and more. They are also using drone technology to locate missing kids and persons.

The drones being employed in the fight against crime are said to be more sophisticated and capable than the models typically purchased at Target or Walmart. The high-flying crime-fighting tech is no larger in circumference than a large pizza and weighs in at just three or four pounds.

Many crime-fighting drones equipped to catch criminals come with high-grade video cameras that can beam a broadcast-quality aerial view down to law enforcement computers and smartphones being utilized by law enforcement officials on the ground. Many drones are said to be capable of flying hundreds of feet into the air while racing around a suspected crime scene or a crime in progress at more than 45 mph.

More advanced and more expensive drones come equipped with infrared sensor systems that are engineered to locate sources of heat such as human body heat. This enables drones to spot suspects who are hiding under the cover of darkness. They can also be used to identify a car engine that is in use or recently in use.

As of 2024, it’s estimated that most police agencies around the U.S. are now utilizing high-tech “unmanned aircraft” drones for their crime-stopping ability, especially in the light of the defund the police movement, which has resulted not only in a reduction of police officers keeping neighborhoods safe, but a significant rise in serious crimes like carjacking, assaults, and armed robberies.

From rural sheriff’s departments to urban police forces, law enforcement agencies are utilizing up to a half dozen drones to assist with mitigating what appears to be an out-of-control crime for which the U.S. government is turning a blind eye.

Said one Sheriff. The high-tech drones are being employed in dangerous SWAT situations, search and rescue operations, major traffic collision investigations, including DUIs-in-progress, along with crime scene investigations, including murder and grand theft auto.

The drones are said to be utilized in a patrolling capacity when it pays to obtain an aerial view of a potential or fluid crime scene. The drones have proven themselves to be extremely functional for all law enforcement agencies, even when it comes to spotting drunken drivers who are operating their vehicles erratically or moving at speeds above the legal limit. This means the drones are well worth the investment.

Cops have come to not only appreciate the drone high tech but also depend on their abilities to assist in fighting crime. If a burglar alarm has been tripped at a business, a drone can be sent in first to make a detailed search of the roof along with the sides and back of a building that might be blocked off by fencing.

Prior to having drones on the police force, it was up to flesh-and-blood law enforcement to climb fences or search areas that were not entirely accessible. That said, new drone tech is being utilized on fire calls.

Law enforcement can now directly support the fire department by obtaining an aerial overview of a brush fire or a burning building. The law enforcement officer stands beside a fire chief, and together, they examine the screen, determine where the prime hot spots are located, and then make a plan of action, potentially saving both time and lives.

One thing is for certain: the rise in crime doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. In some cases, the criminal is considered more innocent than the victim. But by deputizing high-tech unmanned drones for the cop job, law enforcement has a renewed fighting chance at keeping innocent people from harm’s way.

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