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Best Psychics 2024 – Accurate Video, Chat, & Phone Sessions

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Best Psychics

The best psychics can provide direction and purpose when you are struggling to make a crucial life decision. We’ve done an in-depth analysis of the top websites with psychics who provide live chat readings, phone readings, and video sessions to help you find budget-friendly, professional, and reliable options that can save you time, stress, and money.

Kasamba is our top choice because of its expertise, reasonable prices, and efforts to develop an inclusive space.

However, we understand that everyone has different preferences. Therefore, we made sure to include a variety of options to cater to everyone.

Best Psychics And Online Psychic Reading Sites of 2023

First Look – Our Top 12

  1. Kasamba – Best psychics overall (50% OFF + 3 FREE mins)
  2. Purple Garden – Voted most accurate psychics by customers ($10 OFF first purchase)
  3. Keen – Best psychics for spiritual insights (5 minutes for $1)
  4. Sanctuary Psychic Readings – Best online chat readings (5 minutes for $4.99)
  5. AskNow – Best for online Tarot readings ( 5 minutes free)
  6. California Psychics – Most highly screened professional psychics ( $1 per minute)
  7. Psychic Source – Most accurate psychic mediums ( 3 minutes free)
  8. Oranum – All psychics on live video ( $9.99 free credit)
  9. Psychic Oz – Best paranormal readings (3 minutes free)
  10. Purple Ocean – Custom video sessions ($10 readings)
  11. Mysticsense – Best LGBTQ+ readings (5 minutes free)
  12. Purple Tides – 5 of the best psychics for $5 ($5 readings)

Got Time? Detailed Review of the Best Psychics Online

We searched the internet for the best psychics and discovered several psychic platforms offering accurate readings. Here’s what you should know about them.

1. Kasamba ﹘ All-round Best Psychics Online

Best Psychics


  • 20+ years of experience
  • 3 free minutes
  • 50% off on your first reading
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Experts in matters of the heart
  • 24/7 assistance


  • No video readings

With 20 years of experience providing online readings, Kasamba is a reliable platform you can count on for your future and heart.

Their expertise lies in providing excellent psychic advice on love-related matters.

300+ Love Psychics To Choose From

There are approximately 300 professionals specializing in romance and relationships, and they can assist you in navigating that perplexing maze in which we all occasionally tend to become lost in.

Kasamba offers a variety of psychic readers specializing in different reading styles, including Rune Casting and Astrology readings, Tarot readings, and past life readings.

Therefore, you can find a psychic love reader on Kasamba regardless of your preferred reading style.

Best Match Guarantee + 50% OFF

Kasamba also offers a convenient way to work with their top psychics. With the Best Match Guarantee, you can enjoy a free psychic reading online (3 free chat minutes) with every new psychic reader you test out.

If you’re a new customer, you will get three minutes of free reading and a 50% discount when you discover the ideal reader.


Kasamba is the go-to platform if you’re dealing with matters of the heart and don’t know how to cope. The compassionate love psychics will hold your hand and guide you back on the right path.

>>Get 3 FREE minutes + 50% OFF on Kasamba

2. Purple Garden ﹘ Voted Most Accurate By Customers

Best Psychics


  • Customers have voted them the most accurate
  • English and Spanish readings available
  • $10 off on the first reading
  • 1000+ psychics
  • Video, chat, and online call readings


  • No free readings for new customers

Purple Garden customers have voted the platform as the most accurate online. This says a lot about the reliability of their psychic services.

The platform offers a wide variety of communication options to allow users to connect with psychic readers who use different techniques, tools, and styles.

These options include online calls, live chat, and video sessions in English and Spanish. However, the pricing might differ based on the selected communication mode.

The platform also features detailed psychic profiles to guarantee precise matches.

Variety of Psychic Readings

Purple Garden offers various psychic reading services, including love and relationships, dream analysis, angel readings, palm readings, tarot readings, oracle guidance, etc.

You can search for an advisor based on their specialty or filter for the type of reading method you want, number of reviews, and price. If it’s your first time getting a reading on the platform, you’ll be eligible for a $10 matching credit.

Informative Blog

Purple Garden is also an information hub, with numerous articles on various psychic topics, from chakras to relationships and so much more. This blog is an excellent resource for beginners and anyone seeking to learn more about psychic insights and practices.


If you’re looking for a psychic platform with a proven track record for accuracy, you won’t go wrong with Purple Garden. Their customers attest to their reliability, and their experience and longevity in the business confirm it.

>>Get $10 OFF on Purple Garden

3. Keen ﹘ Best Psychics For Spiritual Insights

Best Psychics


  • Over 1700 psychics available
  • Reliable mobile app
  • 3 free minutes
  • 5 minutes for $1
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Experts in spiritual readings


  • No video readings

With more than 1,700 exceptional psychic readers available online, Keen hosts nearly an equivalent number of psychic advisors as there are angels on the tip of a pin.

It is a fitting comparison given their expertise in providing illuminating spiritual advice and consultations.

Keen offers extensive readings, including past life readings, spiritual readings, aura cleansing, and more, ensuring you get a dependable psychic for your specific spiritual requirements.

Keen Psychics has two advantageous features to assist you in discovering the ideal psychic.

Get Matched Filter & Readings 101

The first feature available is the prompt Get Matched filter, which connects you with at least three expert psychic readers that suit your specific requirements.

The next one is the Readings 101 feature. This feature is perfect for those new to psychic readings as it offers insights on what to expect.

Deals + Introductory Offers

Keen also stands out for its incredible offer to try out any psychic advisor that interests you for 3 minutes without cost.

If everything goes well, you can keep conversing with them with their 5-minute package for just $1.


If you’re seeking spiritual insights, you won’t miss a reliable expert among Keen’s 1700+ psychics specializing in different subjects.

>>Get 5 minutes for $1

4. Sanctuary Psychic Readings – Best Online Chat Readings

Best Psychics


  • First 5 minutes for $4.99
  • Best psychics for chat
  • 135+ psychic advisors
  • 30-day reading credits
  • Free daily tarot card and horoscope features


  • Only psychic chat readings are available

If you are always on the go and like to keep your consultations short and sweet, Sanctuary is the perfect place to get all your psychic and spiritual advice with accurate chat readings 24/7.

3 Kinds of Readings Plus Energy Healing

Sanctuary Psychic Readings specializes in 4 types of in-depth psychic chat readings. These include astrology readings, tarot readings, psychic sessions, and energy healing.

Plus, all their chat psychics are thoroughly screened ahead of time and bring years of training and experience to each unique session.

5 Minutes for $4.99 ($1 Per Minute)

If you’re clear about what you want to know, Sanctuary Psychic Readings has the perfect deal for you.

Offering 5 minutes for only $4.99, a direct question from you will allow your psychic to get right to work so you can hear whatever you need to know to move right on to a solution.


While psychic readings are great, many folks like to keep it private. The most anonymous type of reading is a chat session, which is Sanctuary’s specialty. If you’re clear on your question, in 5 minutes, a Sanctuary psychic can have you enlightened and on your way.

>>Get $1 per minute on Sanctuary Psychic Readings

5. AskNow – Best For Online Tarot Readings

Best Psychics


  • 17+ years online
  • New VIP psychic club
  • Best $1 per minute deals
  • 5 Free Master Minutes
  • #1 for online tarot readings.


  • 5-minute Satisfaction Guarantee.

When it comes to dependable and accurate psychics, AskNow has been providing the internet with some of the best clairvoyants and tarot readers for more than 17 years.

If you have a burning question that can’t wait, maybe you should AskNow.

Unmatched Tarot Readings and Money Saving Deals

If you’re as enamored of the cards as we are, there’s no better place to get a truly spiritual and enlightening tarot session than at AskNow. With over 45 active tarot experts, the cards are always being shuffled in search of the truth at this classic site.

Plus, with two different $1 per minute deals and 5 free minutes, their experienced card sharps can spin the Wheel of Fortune and make even the biggest Fool into a Magician in no time.

VIP Club

AskNow’s VIP Psychic Club offers discounted monthly sessions with the site’s best psychic readers, self-help and guided meditation videos, and much more for one low monthly price.


The Tarot is the most popular oracle used by online psychics, and AskNow is the Mecca for tarot aficionados. Add to that the best $1 per minute deals online and 5 free minutes, and AskNow has more winning hands than Las Vegas when it comes to the cards.

>>Get 5 free minutes at AskNow

6. California Psychics – Most Highly Screened Professional Psychics

Best Psychics


  • Chat and phone psychics.
  • $1 per minute packages
  • Best screened psychic readers
  • Online since 1995
  • Karma rewards program


  • No video option



Since 1995, California Psychics has been one of the premier psychic websites online.

Known not only for a wide variety of sessions, enticing discount deals, and rewards programs, they also feature some of the most highly screened psychics on any online site.

Rigorously Screened Psychics

Only 2 out of every 100 psychics who apply at California Psychics make the cut. That means you can depend on their clairvoyants, mediums, and tarot readers to be the best out there and provide only the most accurate answers to your most important questions.

20-Minute Discount Packages & Karma Rewards

Every new customer at California Psychics gets to choose from 3 different 20-minute reading packages starting as low as $1 per minute and providing as much as $170 in overall savings.

However, this isn’t a site that’s only about attracting new customers with discounts and then charging them on the back end. If you commit to California Psychics, they’ll also commit to you with their Karma Rewards program that offers ongoing reading discounts and more based on your purchases.


Besides their years of experience, accurate psychics, and great new customer deals, California Psychics also values and rewards their most loyal customers. That’s why they’ve been a top site for so long.

>>Get $1 per minute at California Psychics

7. Psychic Source – Most Accurate Psychic Mediums

Best Psychics


  • 30+ years online
  • 3 minutes free
  • 3 $1 per minute deals
  • 65+ mediums available
  • “Find a Psychic” Filter


  • Free minutes only for new customers

With more than 30 years of experience, Psychic Source is the oldest online psychic reading site in our review. Besides having some of the most sensitive and dependable online mediums online, they’re also known for offering many other top psychic services at pretty deep discounts.

Best Psychic Mediums

If you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one and you’re longing for some healing and closure, there are over 65 talented mediums at Psychic Source that can help.

Known for their extraordinary sensitivity and compassion, they can help you change your emptiness and heartache for healing and the knowledge that your loved ones will always be near.

Most $1 Per Minute Deals & 3 Free Minutes

All new customers get to choose between 10, 20, or 30-minute $1 per minute deals to get started, plus you’ll also get an additional 3 minutes free with your first scheduled reading.

Find A Psychic Tool

Finding the right reader can be stressful, but the Find A Psychic filter makes it easy. Just answer a few short multiple-choice questions and instantly get matched with a top psychic.


With 30 years of experience, great mediums, top discounts, and a great search filter, Psychic Source keeps tradition alive with fantastic modern amenities.

>>Get 3 minutes free at Psychic Source

8. Oranum ﹘ All Psychics On Live Video

Best Psychics


  • Readings start at $0.99 per minute
  • $9.99 free credit
  • Free live video chat room
  • Customers vote for the best online psychics


  • Confusing “Coins” payment system

If you’ve only heard of the mystique surrounding old-school psychic readings, Oranum is a site that can help you relive something of that ancient tradition. With all their readers tapped into the site via video, getting a reading on Oranum is just like it was back in the day when you had to visit the witch on the edge of town.

Free Live Chat Room

Oranum’s chat room lets you have 1 free psychic question with as many psychic readers as you choose. You can also hang out and watch the readers deal with others’ chat questions. It’s free and a great way to try out multiple psychics.

$9.99 Free Credit

Every new customer on Oranum is awarded a free $9.99 credit when they schedule their first formal online psychic reading. Since some Oranum readers charge as low as $0.99 per minute, you could get as much as a 10-minute reading totally free.

Vote for Your Favorite Psychic

Every month, Oranum’s customers get to vote for their favorite psychic readers, so you’ll always know who’s hot and who’s not..


Between the Free Live Chat Room and the $9.99 credit, you could log a bit of free time on Oranum before any bill comes due.

>>Get a $9.99 free credit at Oranum

9. Psychic Oz ﹘ Best Paranormal Readings

Best Psychics


  • 3 minutes free
  • $1 per minute discounts
  • 1-minute free phone readings
  • Best spiritual readings
  • 1 minute free with every phone reading


  • Only 1 question per email

If you’re fascinated by paranormal phenomena rather than about falling in love or making a million bucks, then Psychic Oz is where your psychic nature will find a home.

Discover Life’s Possibilities

With a comprehensive search filter that lets you browse based on psychic abilities, psychic subjects, and psychic tools, Psychic Oz is all about connecting you with other dimensions.

There are also quick pick lists that introduce you to the site’s customer favorites, staff picks, and rising stars so you can connect with the right psychic for what you’re specifically curious about.

Free Minutes and Discounts

All new customers get 3 minutes free with their first reading. Psychic Oz also gives you the first minute of every phone reading free all the time, like chocolate on your pillow, to let you know they care.

There are also a pair of $1 per minute deals for 10 and 15 minutes to help you get started.


If you’re looking to find new paranormal vistas, Psychic Oz specializes in introducing people to their higher selves so they can pursue the realities their soul yearns for.

They’re also hip to your 3-dimensional budget with $1 per minute and free minute deals.

>>Get 3 free minutes at Psychic Oz

10. Purple Ocean – Custom Video Readings

Best Psychics


  • All readings $10
  • Custom video readings
  • Free phone app
  • 1-hour delivery service
  • Live readings are also available


  • Readings only via phone

If your free time is non-existent, but you also need some sort of psychic guidance to get through the madness of your day, then Purple Ocean may just have the answer.

Custom Video Readings

With hundreds of top psychics to choose from, simply pick one, send them your question in writing, and within 24 hours, you’ll receive a custom 3-minute video answering your question in detail.

You can watch it whenever you want and even review it in a couple of days to see if you missed anything.

Besides being quick and easy, this is also a great way to try out psychics until you find one you’d want to do a longer reading with. Live readings are also available, but those are through Purple Ocean’s sister site, Purple Garden, and prices may vary.

All Readings $10

The standard 3-minute custom video answering 1 question within 24 hours is always $10. You can also get 1 hour service for an extra $5.


If you never had a psychic reading before, this is a great way to try a psychic inexpensively to see what it’s like. The process is quick and easy and only involves browsing through some talented psychics online and formulating a clear and concise question.

>>Get a $10 reading on Purple Ocean

11. Mysticsense – Best LGBTQ+ Readings

Best Psychics


  • 750+ online psychics
  • 5 minutes free
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Best for Numerology and LGBTQ+ readings
  • Multiple contact methods are available


  • Not all advisors do phone, chat, and video.

With the motto, “find your path to success,” Mysticsense has been doing just that since 2020, building up a stable of 750+ psychics specializing in every type of spiritual and psychic subject.

Dedicated LGBTQ Readings

With its finger on the spiritual pulse of society, Mysticsense is the first major psychic reading site to have a special dedicated category for LGBTQ+ readings.

If you’re trying to figure out how to be different in a society that’s not always sensitive, the LGBTQ+ psychics at Mysticsense get it and will be there to help you navigate to your truth.

5 Free Minutes

Every new customer on Mysticsense gets the first 5 minutes of their first reading free upon registering an account and depositing funds. Since readings on the site start as low as $1.15 per minute, you can get a pretty good run with a psychic for not much dough.

Online Tools

If you’re up for some psychic fun, Mysticsense has a fantastic AI tarot oracle that gives free automated readings. Of course, it’s not like an actual tarot reading, but we tried it, and the results can be a little uncanny.


With over 750 of the best psychics to choose from, Mysticsense offers a wide variety of readings, multiple communication methods, standard low prices, and 5 minutes free.

>>Get 5 minutes free at Mysticsense

12. Purple Tides – 5 Best Psychics for $5

Best Psychics


  • Free app for iOS and Android
  • $5 per reading
  • Highly screened psychics
  • 5 psychic perspectives at once


  • Videos are pre-recorded

Picking the right psychic can be challenging. What if you end up with the wrong one? Purple Tides eliminates that possibility by choosing multiple psychics for you. Interested? Keep reading to find out more.

All Readings Only $5

That’s right, $5! Simply submit a written question to Purple Tides, and then they will forward it to 5 top psychics. Within 24 hours, you’ll get 5 different psychic perspectives on your question or your money back. Once you receive your answer, you decide which makes the most sense.


Free Mobile App

The Purple Tides app is free to download and use through the Apple Store and Google Play. Your only expenses will be your carrier charges and the $5 toward your reading.


Finding the right psychic on a huge site where there are literally hundreds of them can be pretty stressful, especially since you never really know if you picked correctly until the clock is running and you’re paying for it.

Purple Tides eliminates all that by letting you cut right to the chase. Simply ask your question, get 5 psychic responses within 24 hours, and then decide which answer feels right.

The concept is sheer genius, and it only costs you $5.

>>Get a $5 reading on Purple Tides

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Psychics and Sites

Do you still have queries about the best psychic reading services? We’ve got you covered with the answers to some commonly asked questions.

What Is The Cost of Psychic Readings?

Professional online psychic reading is priced per minute. Depending on the quality of service, the experience of the psychic, and the technique used, it can go between $0.50 to more than $20.

Many websites offering psychic readings offer new customers free or discounted minutes to help attract more business.

Can I Speak To An Online Psychic For Free?

Yes, free psychic reading online services are available. For example, Kasamba offers a Best Match Guarantee that lets you get three free chat minutes with every new online psychic until you find the perfect match. Additionally, you can avail a discount of 50% on your first phone psychic reading.

Can Online Psychics Be Trusted?

Yes, online psychics can be trusted. However, you must choose a professional psychic reading website such as Purple Garden or Kasamba.

Reputable professional websites thoroughly vet their psychics to ensure you receive guidance from someone with genuine extrasensory capabilities.

How Accurate Are Online Psychics?

Online psychics on reputable platforms like Kasamba and Purple Garden are very accurate because these platforms are highly selective in hiring the most skilled psychics.

>>Get 50% OFF +3 FREE minutes on Kasamba

How Do Psychics Read You?

Psychics have a variety of methods to gain insight into your true self. They can sense and interpret your “auras” and energy flows, seek divine guidance using Astrology or Tarot Cards, or rely on more peculiar and sophisticated techniques to see what lies hidden in the subconscious mind through dream interpretation or graphology.

What Tools Do Psychics Online Use?

Psychics may use a variety of tools during online psychic readings. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Ephemeris, computers, and various charts for Astrology readings.
  • Mathematics and numbers for Numerology readings
  • Tarot cards for conducting Tarot readings
  • Pendulums and crystal balls for Fortune telling.

What Can You Learn From a Psychic Reading?

A reading from a skilled psychic can aid in comprehending yourself and creating an improved version of yourself.

Considering this, it’s more beneficial to opt for life readings exploring career, relationships, or spiritual growth, as they provide more valuable long-term insights than general psychic predictions.

When Is The Best Time To Get a Psychic Reading?

The best time to get a psychic reading is when you feel lost or burdened by something. Psychic readings can provide valuable insights to help you gain clarity and understanding.

Can You Get a Tarot Reading Over the Phone?

Yes, you can get a Tarot reading through a phone call. As long as there is a straightforward means of communication, a strong connection with a psychic can be forged so that they can provide a precise and accurate reading no matter where you are.

Can You Get Psychic Readings by Email?

Yes, it is possible to receive a psychic reading through email.

However, getting a reading through email typically takes longer than a phone or chat reading because you are not booking a live session with your psychic but instead sending a message that may take up to 24 hours to receive a response.

>>Get 50% OFF +3 FREE minutes on Kasamba

Final Thoughts on the Best Psychics Online

The ideal psychic reading website varies depending on your requirements and preferences. Each service we have discussed provides various features and affordable and easily accessible online psychic readings.

The primary contrast between these online psychic reading websites is their areas of expertise.

We have chosen Kasamba as our top psychic reading website. With a focus on love consultations and a special discount of up to 50% off for first-time customers, you can rest assured of insightful and affordable insights.

Purple Garden is our runner-up. The platform is known for providing accurate readings on various topics and has a helpful online community fostering a sense of belonging.

However, you won’t go wrong with any of the sites we’ve reviewed. So take your pick and begin your journey to enlightenment.

Author: Anna Miller

Author Email

Anna is a prominent figure in the psychic world and has written over 300 articles on all things spiritual, otherworldly, and beyond our five senses. She has written in-depth profiles on Professional Clairvoyants, Mediums, and other gifted individuals.

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