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Best Practices Of Video Marketing For Travel And Tourism

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As the travel and tourism industry is going through a bit of a rough patch because of the Coronavirus Video Marketing can be the best way to help you business. So many people had to skip their travel plans, resulting in a headwind for the travel and tourism industry. But one can expect the industry to bounce back in one or two years as ardent travellers who’ve been forced to sit in their homes rush to quench their wanderlust.

The number of tourists worldwide has been steadily on the rise in the last decade. From merely 400 million in 1990 to over 1.6 billion in 2019, the industry has grown 7% YoY (year-on-year) according to data from the United Nations World Tourism Organization. This growth, although encouraging for travel brands, also has a few attached caveats. Attention spans are declining, for one. On the other hand, the number of players desperate to catch your attention has ballooned.

In such high competition, how do you, as a travel brand, stand out in such a crowded space? Well, the answer is simple- video marketing.

Video Content is Vital For Travel Industry Marketing

According to Wirebuzz, people retain 95% of the message contained in a video as opposed to a paltry 10% for textual content, on an average. And here’s the kicker – Omnikick claims that 55% of people are more engaged by a video compared to any other kind of content.

With stats like these, a video has to be an integral part of your marketing strategy, even more so in the travel space. According to GuestRevu:

  • 2 out of 3 people watch videos online when they think about going on a trip.
  • 54% watched a video to decide where to stay and what type of accommodation to book.
  • 63% continued to watch videos while on their trip, looking for activities, inspiration, and things to do.

Let us now take a look at a few video marketing tips and tricks for the savvy travel marketer and how they can turn these best practices into profit in the long run.

  • Create Destination Videos

Destination videos or a simple explainer video are perfect for influencing people who are on the fence about a particular destination. You can show off the destination’s panoramic beauty, culture, clothing styles, cuisines, and more.

Such videos have tremendous virality potential because people like to share it with friends and family in order to get their opinions about the destination. You can also make video testimonials.

There are multiple tools you can use to create and edit video online. You don’t need to be a professional videographer for this as these tools have really gentle learning curves and you can be up and running in no time.

  • Personalize Your Videos

It is one thing to create a bunch of videos, but making them memorable is a whole other ballgame. Flight companies like Delta Airlines and luxury hotel chain Fairmont Raffles have designed absorbing marketing campaigns around personalized videos.

Another striking example is Club Family Hotel, an Italian hotel chain for families having children. It analyzed every customer’s unique requirements, attributes, and travel history and then shot them a personalized email containing fun, interactive videos.

For instance, if the family had a toddler, the video contained parks, nurseries, and daycare’s in that particular destination. While another family having teenagers got a video focusing on sports, concerts, and other live events. This personalization made it possible for them to plug in relevant calls-to-action directly in the email. Was it worth it? An 81% spike in email click through rate would certainly seem to suggest so.

  • Ramp Up Your UGC Video Marketing

User-generated content works because it’s authentic and unbiased. Your potential customers see real people telling real stories about their experiences with your brand, and it immediately humanizes your brand.

Destination Canada leveraged video created by its users to make a stunning ad, which went viral on YouTube, amassing over 1.2 million views. It curated photos clicked by travellers into a beautiful montage featuring deep-sea diving, bungee jumping, bustling skyscrapers, concerts, carnivals, and more.

This is so much more effective than branded content in terms of mass appeal as you come across as genuine and reliable.

  • Chalk Out A Distribution Strategy

You might create an eye-catching travel video, replete with breathtaking sights and scenes but nobody’s going to watch it if you don’t have a solid distribution game plan.

Merely posting to your social media pages won’t work because of the abundance of posts vying for your user’s attention. You need to figure out where your target customers hang out; maybe they follow travel influencers on Instagram, maybe they like watching travel vlogs on YouTube.

You need to have a channel-specific distribution strategy and reach out to them with tailored content.

  • Make Your Videos Share-worthy

There is only so much you can do to push out your video manually. If you want your videos to go viral, you need to rely on your users to share them further. For that, your videos must be inherently shareable.

People share stuff that they feel is a reflection of themselves or which they think elevates their social status. For instance, if you’re showcasing a quaint deli, talk about its history, the head chef’s credentials, its specialties, etc. 2 minutes is the sweet spot, but if that’s not possible, you can go for a longer duration as well.

  • Create Profile Videos

Profile videos are great for flaunting off your brand’s story, tours and packages, happy customers, and more. These can take the form of a simple explainer video or something more nuanced like a 2-D animated photo collage, motion graphics, or even a live shoot.

You can embed them on your landing page to greet your customers warmly from the get-go or even post them to your YouTube channel.

Make sure to add a cool intro to hook them into watching the entire video. Just search for an intro maker for YouTube, and you’ll get plenty of online services that provide a wide array of awesome templates to create intros.


The sky’s the limit when you create videos for the tourism industry; you can get creative extensively. Hopefully, these tips can come handy when you harness the power of video to turn indifferent customers into brand-building advocates. All the best!



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