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Assisting Your Kids in the Virtual Learning Space

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The current COVID-19 pandemic pushed many of us into a new, if not a bleak reality – for students and schools.What used to be an active school ground was turned into a virtual learning space classroom. The shift from in-person to online learning has not been easy for both parents and kids.

For kids in secondary school, home-schooling can be harder due to their very active physical and social tendencies.Here are a couple of ways you can assist your kids while they’re transitioning to learning from home.

Create a space conducive for virtual learning

For remote-working parents, they have a specific area at home where they can work. The same should be true for kids – they need a quiet, dedicated, and comfortable space that’s dedicated to learning. This space needs to be differently set-up than where they usually watch television or play games.

Maintain breaks

Just because they’re learning at home doesn’t mean routines should be disregarded. Children function best if a routine is applied. Alarms similar in school at home can be helpful, to begin with. Around lunchtime, get them to eat and enjoy some fresh air, perhaps go for a walk or bike ride so they’re not sedentary for the entire day.

Combine virtual with old school learning mediums

Overusing screen time can cause negative effects on a young un’s brain, which makes it crucial to limit screen time during their breaks from a virtual school. Some teachers will send hard copy packets that kids can work from. You can also print out anything you can for your kids.

Don’t let your kids treat this as a vacation

It may feel like a vacation, but it’s not. This time at home is precious for learning despite the current situation. Education must come first. Obligations like grades, assignments, state exams, tests, ACTs, and SATS aren’t going away simply because classes are now online.

Looking for a school to enroll your kid in?

If you’re looking for a school that can seamlessly switch from campus to virtual learning, look no further than international schools like Global Indian International School (GIIS), which can transition to virtual learning early March.

For expat kids in secondary school, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programmer IBDP is one of the best curriculum pursued after the completion of Grade 10, ‘O’ Levels or equivalent, and offers balanced exposure to academics, a better understanding of the world and getting a great foundation for university life. Remember, all of these will be over someday in the future. Equipping your kids with the right education is key to braving the new world after the pandemic.

Parents and school personnel in school districts across the country are working hard to transition into our new normal, share information and feedback, and overcome barriers to ensure that our kids can make progress during the months away from their school buildings.

Staying at home shouldn’t just be fun and games, but it doesn’t need to be super strict learning place.Kids need to have some fun while they’re at home. As you know, it’s rare that we parents get to have this much time with our kids. Use this time to bond with the family.We recommend organizing a tournament, charades, family card games,chess, or getting outside for a hike or walk together – following health standards of course.


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