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7 Top Expert SAT Tips to Consider for Achieving Higher Marks

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Have you ever heard about SAT tips? If yes, then have you ever attempted this test without them? It is a college entrance test that many students take each year. The main factor to becoming successful and getting good scores on SAT is to learn SAT syllabus. This syllabus is designed to know your capability to get admission to college.

Commonly it is suggested to prepare yourself for SAT exam at least one to two months ago. Never wait till the last minute to prepare for SAT exam. After too much preparation, you may feel energized and confident on the day of the exam with SAT tips.

Create an SAT Study Schedule:

Make sure to create a study plan for your SAT test. SAT tips will help you to improve your overall score. Some students only attempt some mock tests and consider these enough. But it is not enough; each student must study according to schedule.

Make sure to create a plan according to your weakness and strength. Always study the material you are not an expert in. This way, you will soon become a master in this material.

Use Quality Prep Materials:

The quality preparation material is available on the College Board website. So it is easy for students to download the study guide and question bank. Not only this, students may easily attempt practice tests and find useful tips.

Increase Your Reading Speed:

A major tip to becoming an expert in SAT is to improve reading speed. For this, find some long paragraphs and read all these quickly with accuracy if you take less time to read paragraphs accurately.

Target the Mistakes You Can Control:

Though it is not possible for you to control wrong answers when you actually don’t know the answer, there are some mistakes you may control. These include time pressure, questions comprehension, and careless mistakes.

Commonly students commit mistakes because of time shortages. So, make sure to attempt some practice tests to maximize speed. Hopefully, on the day of the exam, you will not commit many mistakes.

Come to Test Day Prepared:

Always set your mind and study SAT tips and more to become confident and energized on the test day. Make sure to present mentally and physically on the test day.

Never skip your breakfast because having no breakfast may weaken your mind. It is the best idea to take a cup of tea or coffee to boost your spirit. Before going to the test centre, become well-dressed.

Answer the Questions You Know First:

The best tip is to always answer the questions which you know exactly. When you vastly solve all the known questions. It means you have more time to focus on questions you don’t know exactly.

Never spend more time on questions that will take much time to answer. Otherwise, you will have less time in the end.

Eliminate Incorrect Answers:

While attempting the SAT tips, eliminate the answers you are not confident with. After this, you will have fewer options. So, there are more chances for your guess to be right.


Commonly students think that one-day preparation is enough for SAT. But actually, you have to give one to 2 months for SAT preparation. Besides, never think that a one-time test is enough; you need to attempt the test at least two times to get better scores.


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