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3 Plumbing Problems That a Professional Should Handle

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3 Plumbing Problems That a Professional Should Handle

There are numerous advantages to choosing to tackle a smaller issue with your property yourself, regardless of the nature of the problem, and if you are somewhat of a self-described DIY expert, you’ll feel a stronger compulsion to “do it yourself”.

However, when it comes to the pipework and plumbing system of your home, even a small job can turn into an expensive and exceedingly inconvenient one should you make a mistake.

With this in mind, continue reading to discover three serious plumbing problems that only a professional plumber should handle.

Tree Roots Blocking a Drain

A common issue for people living in more rural areas when it comes to their drainage and plumbing system is when an overgrown shrub or tree takes roots underneath the drain and causes either a partial or complete blockage.

Now, if the reason your drain is blocked is simply due to a build-up of leaves, mud, and other debris (most common in the fall), you could decide to invest in a high-quality product specifically designed for the job. However, if tree roots are covering the space, you must call a plumber.

Reputable and renowned residential plumbing services are the only professionals who can handle such an incident safely, effectively, and with a view to causing as little disruption as possible. So make sure you find your local plumbers today.

A Simple Leak

Again, if you’re going about your daily business in the morning and hurriedly getting ready for work when you spot a small leak in the bathroom, it can be more than tempting to block the leak and resolve to fix it yourself when you return home.

However, what most people are entirely unaware of is that even the most diminutive of leaks can lead to exceedingly expensive issues if the problem isn’t tackled properly. There are, as always, many different reasons why one or more of your property’s pipes are leaking, which could include:

Noisy & Creaking Pipes

Especially in the case of older properties, it can be usual to hear when the boiler is kicking in during an evening or when the hot water button is manually pressed as the system gets to work to follow your instruction.

You are, of course, the best person to ask in terms of what you consider to be normal noises in the pipes, but if the sounds seem to be becoming steadily louder and more intrusive, then you need to take action.

Firstly, it would be a good idea to contact your water supplier and ask if they’re currently conducting any repair or maintenance work, and if not, or indeed you’re not satisfied, then you should call a plumber.

It’s highly likely, should you find yourself in this particular situation, that an experienced plumber will recommend installing a pressure regulator, which will help to regulate the levels of water pressure throughout the system and help to prevent noise issues.

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