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Protect Your Skin From the Winter Elements: Essential Winter Skin Care Must-Haves



Essential Winter Skin Care

Your skin care routine needs to change with the seasons to remain effective year-round, but the good news is that you do not need to change everything. Your cleanser and specialty items like serums can remain the same as long as you have the right skin protection and the right moisturizer options.

Skin Care Protection From Cold Weather

Summer weight moisturizers and sunscreens are made to absorb quickly without leaving residue on the skin. This keeps the product from leaving a greasy feeling as the portion that does not absorb quickly evaporates. In winter, you want the opposite. Thick creams and moisturizing skin protection products are the way to go to protect yourself from chapped skin and other seasonal issues.

Options like Freedom Cream absorb over time while providing the nourishment your skin needs to maintain a healthy balance that leads to a glowing complexion. It is also a good idea to carry a moisturizer with you, preferably one that provides a good barrier against wind and SPF protection from the sun. You can still get sunburn in the cold, and in some cases it can happen even faster than in warm weather because of all the light reflecting off the snow.

Essential Winter Skin Care

Focus On Hydration

Hydrating serums and similar products are important year-round, but they are more important in the winter. If you are upgrading your moisturizer to help protect your skin, you should consider adding a hydrating serum, a brightening spray like Seratopical Revolution Gleaming, or another similar option to your rotation.

If you already use hydration-boosting products, it could be time to look into formulas with more active ingredients working in combination or even adding additional products for more support.

The skin loses moisture quickly in the winter because the air tends to be dry even when snow is coming down. The cold weather locks moisture into a state where it does not evaporate back into the air as quickly, but the water and oils in your skin can evaporate quickly. It could be work using a hydrating product before each SPF application throughout the day, in addition to your morning and evening routine.

Essential Winter Skin Care

Nutrient Support for Better Hydration

There are a few common vitamins and minerals that your skin can use directly and not just from the normal metabolic process that distributes them after you eat. Vitamin C and E are great examples, and adding in vitamin strips and other products that provide your skin with extra nutrients can help it to better use the hydration and moisture support you provide.

The best way to make these changes will be to add products slowly as the weather cools. In the spring, you will want to follow the same process to go back to your summer routine. Start with vitamins and extra hydration support, then move to thicker moisturisers and winter weight SPF as things get really cold.

You will be surprised at just how easy winter can be on your skin when you have the right protective routine in place for the weather conditions. Start updating your skin care rotation today.



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