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Play-Doh Has 6 Benefits

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Play-Doh Has 6 Benefits

(CTN News) _ Play-Doh is one of the most popular kid’s toys. The fun activity of Play-Doh is loved by toddlers and children, and often even adults! Play-Doh inspires imagination and growth by allowing children to experiment with colours, shapes, and textures.

Enhances motor development.

Kids play with  in many ways, including moulding, rolling, squishing, flattening, cutting, and chopping.

Strengthening their muscles, improving dexterity, and developing their fine motor skills can be achieved through these activities.

As such activities allow children to develop their finger muscle grip and strength before learning to write, they are extremely beneficial during their early learning stages.

Creativity and Imagination

Play-Doh allows children to imagine. Because comes in no shape, children can fully immerse themselves in the activity, exploring the endless possibilities of creating whatever they like.

Molding something from a mental image can be enjoyable for them. Creativity and detail only increase with time!

Boosts curiosity and knowledge

Mixing two colours of dough and discovering a new colour or forming different shapes with stimulates children’s curiosity.

Children develop critical reasoning skills by observing, thinking, executing, and solving problems with.

Participate in the play with your child when they ask for Play-Doh.


Play-doh develops children’s attention skills. Children and toddlers usually play with multiple toys at once or run around.

Screen time is reducing attention spans. As they sit still for long periods of time, their concentration span gradually increases.

Focusing on their work will take longer when they are invested in it.

Children also develop a sense of perseverance that helps them concentrate until their creation is nearly perfect.

Therapeutic engagement

Children can enjoy molding the dough into different shapes, squishing it, and feeling its texture.

Children who are energetic, restless, or anxious can release their energy in a contained manner while participating in this fun activity.

Play-Doh can also help calm an angry or aggressive child and help them share their experiences. During quiet time,  is perfect for soothing a child.

Sensory development

Play-Doh develops senses! As well as visual stimulation,  provides tactile and olfactory stimulation.

With, children experiment with textures and consistencies using cookie cutters and scissors.

Besides stimulating various senses, Play-Doh develops fine and gross motor skills, language development, communication skills, social interaction, and problem solving! (IANS)

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