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Pfizer Stock: Earn $500 A Month Ahead of Q4 Earnings



Pfizer Stock: Earn $500 A Month Ahead of Q4 Earnings

(CTN News) – Pfizer Inc. will release its fourth-quarter earnings results before the market opens on Jan. 30, 2024.

Compared with year-ago earnings of $1.14 per share, analysts expect the New York-based pharma giant to report quarterly earnings of 22 cents per share. According to data from Benzinga Pro, the company is forecast to report quarterly revenues of $14.25 billion, compared to $24.29 billion in the prior quarter.

According to Pfizer, revenues for FY24 are expected to range from $58.5 billion to $61.5 billion,

Including the contribution from the Seagen acquisition, compared with the consensus estimate of $63.17 billion. Compared to the consensus of $3.17, the company expects to achieve adjusted diluted EPS of $2.05 to $2.25 in FY24.

As a result of the recent buzz surrounding Pfizer, some investors may be considering potential gains from the company’s dividends. As of now, Pfizer has a dividend yield of 6.12%, which translates into a quarterly dividend of 42 cents per share ($1.68 per year).

We begin with a yearly target of $6,000 ($500 x 12 months) in order to determine how to earn $500 monthly from Pfizer dividends. Divide $6,000 by Pfizer’s $1.68 dividend to arrive at 3,571 shares: $6,000 / $1.68 = 3,571 shares

In order to generate a monthly dividend income of $500, an investor would have to own approximately $98,095 worth of Pfizer, or 3,571 shares.

For a more conservative goal of $100 per month ($1,200 annually), the calculation would be $1,200 / $1.68 = 714 shares, or $19,614 to generate $100 per month in dividend income. It is important to note that the dividend yield can fluctuate over time as both the dividend payment and the price of the stock fluctuate.

Dividend yield is calculated by dividing annual dividend payments by current stock prices. The dividend yield will change as the stock price changes.

In the case of a stock paying a $2 dividend and its current price is $50, its dividend yield would be 4%. Dividend yield would decrease to 3.33% ($2/$60) if stock price increased to $60.


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