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Metabolon Awarded NIH Grant To Improve PCOS Diagnosis With New Test.



Metabolon Awarded NIH Grant To Improve PCOS Diagnosis With New Test.

(CTN News) – Metabolon, a renowned organization in the field of metabolomics, has recently received a grant from the National Institute of Health (NIH). This financial support will be utilized to advance the development of a more precise diagnostic test for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

PCOS affects approximately 8-13% of women, with a significant portion of up to 70% remaining undiagnosed. With the backing of the NIH grant, Metabolon’s project aims to identify specific metabolite biomarkers for PCOS.

The ultimate objective is to enhance the categorization of patients based on different subtypes of the disease, thereby enabling more targeted and effective treatment approaches.

The conventional methods used for diagnosing PCOS involve pelvic examinations, hormone testing through blood samples, glucose tolerance assessments, and lipid measurements.

However, Metabolon’s distinctive global platform has the potential to provide comprehensive insights into the phenotypic characteristics of PCOS from a single sample. This innovative approach seeks to define the subtypes of the condition with greater precision and detail.

Adam Kennedy, the Associate Director of Research and Development at Metabolon, has drawn attention to the current challenges in diagnosing PCOS. He pointed out that the current diagnostic criteria, known as the Rotterdam criteria, are based on expert opinion rather than objective measures.

As a result, many cases of PCOS may be misclassified or overlooked entirely. Kennedy emphasized that Metabolon’s work in advanced metabolomics science has the potential to update the diagnostic guidelines for PCOS.

Over the next 12 months, Metabolon will be undertaking a project to further explore this area. They are committed to sharing their findings through publications and presentations at important conferences.

This initiative is part of a larger strategy to build on the success of their NIH grant and prepare for future grant applications.

Metabolon’s ultimate goal is to continuously innovate and make significant contributions to the field of metabolomics, ultimately benefiting individuals affected by PCOS.


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