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8 Easy Tips To Take Your Medication On Time



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Nowadays, with our busy schedules and constant work pressure, it has become a huge task to remember even the simplest of things. So many of us forget to take our medication on time or take them way past the appropriate hours.

While it might seem trivial at first, skipping medicines frequently can lead to many unpleasant consequences later.

No matter how many reminders you set or how many post-it notes you paste on your fridge, this is a mistake you just can’t seem to rectify. If this is the case, then here are eight easy tips for you to remember taking your meds on time.

1. Keep a list

First, make a proper list of all the medicines you’re supposed to take. Make sure you include everything in the list, including the dosage, the time, and any other specifications. You can either use a small notebook or any app on your phone. One of the best apps where you can list it all down is My Medadvisor.

2. Take medicines at the same time

One of the easiest ways to remember taking your medicines regularly is to take them at the same time. It can either be with your morning tea or coffee or during the lunch hours or dinner. Once you get used to this habit, it will become a part of your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth or washing your face every day.

3. Leave little notes

Don’t just stick to one- make as many little notes as possible. Keep them posted in various places all over your house. Post-it papers on the bathroom mirror, breakfast table, or nightstand are a great idea. This will make it much easier for you to remember easily. If possible, you can even use a dry-erase board to note down the medicines you’ve taken and the ones still left for the day.

4. Buy a pillbox

Purchase a pillbox from any pharmacy store and store your medicines there. Be careful which medicines can be taken out of their original packaging and which cannot. Keep this box in a visible and easily-accessible place. Always make sure to keep it away from extreme heat, cold, or moisture. You can even keep your prescription folded inside the box so that you don’t mix up your medicines.

To simplify your medication routine and ensure you never miss a dose, consider incorporating the use of weekly pill boxes. It offers a variety of practical and stylish options, making it effortless to stay on track with your medication schedule.

5. Keep a record on a calendar

Keeping track of a calendar will help you to remember when and how to have your medicines. In case you’re running out of a particular medicine, you can easily buy it beforehand to avoid problems later. Always contact your doctor or healthcare provider whether to continue using the medicine after it gets over or not. Ideally, you should stock up on a medicine a week before the old one runs out. If needed, you can even subscribe to a monthly system where the medicine is delivered right at your doorstep.

6. Set alarms

Nope, one tiny alarm just won’t do. Set an alarm at intervals of 5-10 minutes to keep reminding you of your medication. This is especially useful if you need to have a particular medicine right after you wake up. The constant ringing might get annoying, but it’s actually an advantage for you. The moment you take the medicine, switch the alarm off!

7. Get reminder tops

Reminder tops are caps with special reminder alarms to help you take medicines. Go to your nearest pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for one. If you need to cut your pills in two halves, it’s advisable to buy a pill cutter.

8. Turn your bottle upside down

After you finish taking the required pill for the day, turn the bottle upside down. The next time you’re supposed to have it again, flip it back over. This is an easy way to keep track of whether you’ve had that particular medicine or not.

Over to you…

These eight very simple tips will make it very simple for you to remember to take your medication on time. For some extra help, use My Medadvisor. It will not only help you but also your family members or elderly people living with you to take their medicines on time.



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