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22 Year-Old German Arrested for Robbing Hotel in Phuket

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22 Year-Old German Arrested for Robbing Hotel in Phuket

A 22-year-old German national has been detained after stealing 86,000 baht ($2400) in cash from a hotel counter in Patong, Phuket then smiling at the CCTV surveillance camera before fleeing in the early hours of Thursday.

On Friday evening, police detained Mohamed Yassine Zariouh, 22, in Patong Beach town. He was wanted on an arrest warrant issued by the Phuket Provincial Court on Friday for theft, according to the Phuket News.

The arrest occurred after a hotel employee filed a complaint, alleging that a foreign guy approached the hotel counter about 3 a.m. on Thursday. The man opened the drawer, took an envelope containing 86,000 baht in cash, and escaped.

22 Year-Old German Arrested for Robbing Hotel in Phuket

The incident was captured on footage from the hotel’s closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera, which showed the man glancing at the camera and smiling.

The suspect was being placed in police custody at Patong station while awaiting legal proceedings. The police have not offered any information on the motive for the theft.

On Jan 23, an Israeli man has been arrested in connection with an attempted robbery at a currency exchange in Phuket.

According to Patong police commander Pol Col Chalermchai Hernsawad, the 26-year-old Israeli suspect, whose identity was not released, was apprehended on Monday at an undisclosed place on the resort island.


According to police, the man attempted to rob and abuse a woman at a VIP money changer in the Patong region on December 31. He fled after the woman cried for aid.

Police used video footage from security cameras to monitor the man’s escape and location, eventually leading to his arrest this week.

He is facing allegations of attempted robbery, violence, and overstaying his visa. According to Pol Col Chalermchai, the suspect disputed the attempted robbery charge.

Tourists committing crimes in Thailand is a serious issue that can have negative impacts on the country’s reputation and the safety of its residents and visitors. Incidents such as theft, drug-related offenses, and acts of violence by tourists can disrupt the peaceful environment that Thailand is known for and lead to legal consequences for the perpetrators.

It is crucial for tourists to be aware of and respect the laws and cultural norms of the country they are visiting to ensure a harmonious and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Additionally, authorities in Thailand are actively working to address and prevent such occurrences through increased surveillance and law enforcement efforts. It is essential for tourists to prioritize responsible and lawful behavior while traveling in Thailand to uphold the country’s integrity and promote a positive tourism environment.


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