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Walmart Pays Up After Being Accused Of Overcharging Customers By $500

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Walmart Pays Up After Being Accused Of Overcharging Customers By $500

(CTN News) – Maybe you should dig through the bottom of your bag to see if you have any crumpled-up receipts from Walmart tucked away there.

It might be worth taking a look into whether you are eligible for up to $500 in compensation if you purchased produce from that grocery chain within the last five years.

Earlier this week, Walmart reached a settlement with the federal government worth $45 million to resolve allegations that the retail giant overcharged shoppers for its sold-by-weight items, including packaged meat and certain bags of citrus fruits.

However, a spokesperson for Walmart informed Business Insider in a statement that the company believes that a settlement would be beneficial to both parties.

Anyone who has done grocery shopping at a Walmart in the United States or Puerto Rico between October 19, 2018, and January 19, 2024, should try to recall if they recently purchased oranges or pork chops.

If this describes your situation, you have until June 5 to submit a claim – either online or by mail – in order to receive reimbursement. Those who are diligent about saving receipts are in luck.

It is possible for claimants to receive 2% of the total purchase price back when they provide receipts or another form of proof of purchase, up to a maximum of $500 if receipts are provided. If you wish to cash out, you will be prompted to upload copies of your proof.

However, receipt tossers need not worry. It is still possible to receive money without proof, however, don’t expect to receive a payout in the amount of $500.

It is possible to earn $10 for Walmart purchases up to 50 pounds of eligible goods, $15 for purchases 51 to 75 pounds, $20 for purchases 76 to 100 pounds, and $25 for purchases over 100 pounds, according to the settlement. The settlement site will guide you through the process of filing a claim.

A full list of goods that fall under the “weighted goods” or “bagged citrus” categories described in the settlement may be helpful if you are still unsure whether your nectarines count.

As the final approval hearing is scheduled for June 12, do not expect to receive any cash before then.


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