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Is Twitter’s Blue Checkmark a Symbol Of Shame?



Is Twitter's Blue Checkmark a Symbol Of Shame?

(CTN News) – In response to a backlash from verified users who lost their blue checkmarks, Twitter began providing verification marks to celebrities. This time, however, they are refusing to accept it.

The New York Times, the rapper Lil Nas X, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Kara Swisher, and satire account @dril are among those who refused to have the verification badge.

Those who have passed away have also had their verified status restored. The list includes Bob Saget, Kirstie Alley, and Barbara Walters.

At a critical time when Musk was hoping to raise revenue from the blue checkmark, Elon Musk’s inflamed chaos has damaged the honor and authenticity of the mark. The attempt, however, failed as its advertising business declined.

A number of high-profile personalities have been punished with Twitter verification marks,

Many people, including Chrissy Teigen, have reported difficulties removing the blue checkmark. Additionally, she tried to remove it by changing her display name and ultimately succeeded.

In a tweet, she said: “It attached itself to me. How did it happen so fast? Like the movie It Follows.”

It also shows that Elon Musk is disconnected from the high-profile Twitter users whose content has kept the website afloat for so long.

Revenue is higher than the cost of the Twitter blue checkmark

The blue mark won’t only be available to high-profile users, Musk said after buying the social media giant for $44 billion last year.

The man also said that “Blue for $8 a month!” is power to the people.

As a result of Twitter’s CEO implementing his plans, his decision was not well received. They could spread fake news by posing as popular figures and making fake accounts.

Musk has reverted back to the old system where only a few had blue badges as a result of his decisions.

Due to the direction Musk has taken, those who have badges are considered loyal to the Twitter CEO, while others feel embarassed.

The lack of willingness to pay for the badge by so many high-profile users – such as the New York Times and William Shatner – paints a bleak picture of how Twitter could raise revenue parallel to Musk’s egalitarianism goals.

Among the people who refused to pay were LeBron James, Stephen King, and William Shatner. Musk responded by saying he was paying for their subscriptions.

A number of accounts that lost the mark have been restored, including those of President Joe Biden and Pope Francis with labels identifying them as “government or multilateral organization accounts.”

It is nevertheless a reminder that social media will not be democratized as Silicon Valley hoped since people will still enjoy special privileges regardless of their status in real life.


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