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FAQs About Agile Marketing

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FAQs About Agile Marketing

Marketing tasks and methodologies have significantly changed over the past decade. Long-term marketing plans are no longer logical or cost-efficient for brands, given the rate at which the digital space is adapting and evolving.

Traditional marketing practices focus on producers and their sales cycles. The agile process focuses on the customers and the buying process. Marketing teams with SAFe Agilist Certification are discovering greater success with agile tactics, and teams across a variety of industries are adopting agile marketing principles.

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What’s the Agile Process?

The agile process is a tactical marketing approach where marketing teams identify high-value projects to focus their collective efforts on.

Agile marketing teams use finite periods of intensive work called sprints to complete these high-value projects. They then measure the success of the projects and work to improve the results. Not all projects turn out to be valuable or repeatable, but agile marketing embraces failure provided teams learn from the process.

Agile marketing teams are tasked with responding to change with adaptation, rapid iterations over big campaigns, testing and data, small experiments, individual interactions, and team collaboration rather than silos and hierarchy.

Agile teams strive to keep track of customer needs, marketing teams, and search engine needs so that the marketing strategy can be revised before its ROI decreases.

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How It Works

NewsCred explains that agile marketing is easy to adopt so long as the core principles are understood. Agile marketing teams also work in short sprints that last two to four weeks. The marketing goals and plan evolve as each sprint begins and accounts for any situational changes and insights from the previous sprint.

An agile approach is better-suited for large-scale marketing plans in a rapidly changing marketing industry. Rapid iteration is key to the agile approach. The sprint cycle is comprised of a build, measure, and learn phase. Rapid marketing campaign iterations help marketing teams adjust their efforts to reflect the present.

Testing and data are crucial agile practices. Small-scale testing of marketing tactics through A/B tests helps teams also determine which marketing communication is most effective and should be delivered to a broader audience. The agile process makes time for experimentation by agile marketing teams.

Team members can practice new marketing channels or methods, create a brand, or derive a solution to a marketing problem. The agile methodology offers team members the ability to work flexible hours and take advantage of remote working provided they complete their work to the highest standard.

The collaboration among cross-functional teams replaces siloes and hierarchies means anyone from the agile team can work on any project. Agile marketing work is also structured around satisfying the customer and securing ROI. Agile tasks are often built around customer stories to meet project deliverables.

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Benefits of the Agile Marketing Plans Method

There are several benefits of agile marketing implementation. The agile process enables better internal communication within the marketing team through daily scrum meetings. It enhances productivity and increased workflow among marketers, which gives a business a competitive boost.

The agile marketing method mitigates marketing costs and yields long-term results from marketing efforts. Brands can more efficiently improve their reach to a larger audience, also without the need to invest in multiple solutions.

Agile marketers enjoy a more hands-off work management approach which makes them happier and more productive. Agile marketing efforts provide clear insights into what projects are being delivered by the marketing plans department.

Furthermore, agile marketing teams can measure results with small tests that provide insights on which strategies are better-performing and worth further investment. The use of data and metrics means marketers can effectively communicate their findings.

The agile team structure is based on cross-functional teams that are encouraged to collaborate. An open work environment to discuss projects, challenges, and also successes make it more fun for team members to do their jobs.

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